Hi! New to Chanel and have a Question ???

  1. What bags does Chanel have that are Black Patent Quilted without flaps ???

    either a smaller tote or a Bowler style ???

    pics please ?

    THANK YOU!!!
  2. I *think* there's a shopping tote like this, a celeb was posted recently wearing it I believe. . .
    :shame: sorry, that's all I know!
  3. Hm...I'll have to think about that. Off the top of my head though I know that the mademoiselle camera bag was made in black patent, but it's not quilted in the traditional harlequin pattern.
  4. Neimans in Beverly Hills has a really cute black patent tote.
    I have no idea what is call, but its adorable.
    There number is 310 550 5900 if your interested :smile:
  5. There is a collection called the Diamond Shine from this season. It is quilted patent caviar leather. It's absolutely gorgeous!! It is a small, rectangular tote. It has the original mademoiselle turnlock, and it is roomy and very stunning. I would suggest calling some of the NM Texas stores (like San Antonio) instead because they are nicer and more patient. Beverly Hills is impossible...