hi... new mulberry girl!

  1. hi all!

    just a message to say hello.... i bought my first mulberry (effie)before christmas (being an L.V lover, it was a big step) but i have to say im so happy with my purchase and the help i have taken from this site is invaluable!

    cant wait to buy more and discuss lots with you all!:p
  2. Hi there, welcome! I've not been here long myself, but everyone is so lovely and very helpful! I've managed to buy four Mulberry bags since the beginning of December....so be careful, this brand is very addictive :nuts:

    Toni xx
  3. Welcome!
    I have only been here a week and I love it!!
    Nice to know there are other bag mad ladies out there...my husband was sure I was the only one!
  4. Welcome to the Mulberry madhouse! Hope you enjoy it here and enjoy your new bag.
    One is never enough so I'm sure we'll be hearing about more bag purchases soon. Effie is a great bag.
  5. thanks girls!

  6. Welcome to the Mulberry forum
  7. Hello, I'm new as well!

    I'm not a Mulberry owner... yet! I plan on doing my research (and perhaps waiting until the end of summer sales) before I take the plunge, but the urge to just dive in and buy is difficult to resist sometimes ;)
  8. Welcome to our world! We love it here in Mulberry land! Being a Mulberry gal is the coziest, chicest gal to be! We are very happy.
  9. hello and welcome :tup::yes:
  10. yay- welcome to the madhouse!!!!
  11. Hello! What color Effie do you have?
  12. Yay - newbies to corrupt :graucho: I mean assist with their purchases :angel:
  13. Welcome both of you!!! :smile:
  14. Hi and welcome!! Any enabling, I am happy to oblige!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  15. its the oak darwin...... i had pondered over the purchase for a few months and then thought 'heck, why not?!?' and just bought it!
    im truely in love with her..... although still terrified to use her in the scottish winter weather!!