Hi new here

  1. Just want to introduce myself. I have a Kooba Ada in black and just love her!! I have had my eye on the Charlie for a while now and just ordered one this morning!

    I was so tempted to get the ivory one, (on sale at NM, BTW) but was sure it would get ruined, so I got the Charlie in black.

    I wear a lot of black, and the Ada is so unique with all of the studs, and the Charlie is more of a classic style handbag, I don't think they are too similar.

    Can't wait 'til Charlie gets here. Anyone have this style? Comments?
  2. Don't have the Charlie, but have fondled a few at Saks. Very beautiful bag....can be dressy!
  3. I like the idea that the Charlie can be dressy. The Ada has more of an edge to it.
  4. Yeah...check out Mini's new bag. It is gorgeous !!
  5. Browneyedgirl, welcome to our mad world of Koobas. You have started out with a great bag (the Ada) and I've heard fab things about the Charlie, which is a great alternative bag to the Ada, when you need something a little more formal. We'd love to see photos when the new member of your bag family arrives.
  6. I will be sure to post pictures of both. I have enjoyed looking at all of the pictures posted on here. Everyone has such beautiful bags.
  7. Yes, welcome. Charlie is a wonderful style. I have her in black and rose. The rose is a little prone to stains but the black is wonderful. Congratulations on your Ada - beautiful bag.
  8. Hi there and welcome to the Kooba site:smile: Think the Ada and Charlie are very different bags and suppose you made a right choice when ordering the black, although I would have been tempted by the Ivory too...
  9. Hi & welcome
  10. Thanks everyone! Beautiful collection of LV's, Roz! I have one small LV.
  11. wow, what beauties. Puts my LV collection to shame.
  12. Hi :smile: and welcome! Love your Ada and the Charlie is great too.
  13. Welcome to the Kooba forum, browneyedgirl! Can't wait to see your pics!