Hi! New here...

  1. Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and ask a few questions. I recently became "educated" on the finer handbags and fell in love with Coach. I've read through many pages of this forum which has helped answer a few questions but it has also raised a few more.

    I'm looking at purchasing my first Coach very soon--my birthday is in March--hint, hint to hubby! Anyhow, I want something on the large size because I'm always running around from event to event for my kids and just throwing a little of everything in my bag to go. I really want leather, preferably in camel/whiskey/tobacco. The first tote that caught my eye was the Gallery, mainly because I like the straps and it's pretty basic so it'll go with most everything I wear season after season. I saw pics on one of the threads that had a tote with braided handles but I don't know the name. That's my biggest downfall right now is not knowing the previous seasons styles and names.

    I have a Coach store nearby to get a quick fix and see the styles in person but I will probably try to get something at one of the three outlets that would be feasible to travel to.
    Does anyone have an idea if I could find a leather Gallery tote in an outlet yet? I've seen some gorgeous pics of pond colored wristlets...how 'bout them? My dream first Coach purchase will be the tote, wristlet, and a cute scarf. Possibly a makeup case if I can find one semi-reasonable. ; ) Oh, and how can I forget an adorable little charm?!

    TIA for any advise and answers you can give this newbie! Sorry it's so long!!!
  2. i've seen a lot of fall legacy stuff at the outlets lately, so definitely call around about that pond wristlet.

    i know the patent gallery totes went to the outlets a little while ago, but there weren't that many (as far as i know). it's worth a try, though! also try eBay, but make sure it's authentic (try tpf resources!) so you don't get scammed.

    you won't have a problem finding a cute scarf, they have TONS in the outlets, as well as so many cute new releases.

    good luck with finding your things and welcome! you'll be addicted in no time! :welcome:
  3. Welcome to tPF!!! :smile:

    I agree... check out the outlet, best place to find scarves at a reasonable price... Also, check with JAX about inventory for legacy items or local outlets, some people may still be returning some items after changing their minds... multiple times. :whistle:

    Also, since you're new to Coach... just hanging out on tPF will help lots with names of older styles, reoccuring styles, etc. Another idea I had for a suggestion is sometimes you can find lots of older Coach catalogs on eBay, and you could get some to brush up on what has been out the past couple of years... Just a thought. (They would have names, price points, etc.)

    Welcome to your new addiction! :yes:
  4. welcome welcome
    :lol: :lol:
  5. Welcome! Jenn and Bags4 Bubbles gave some very in depth answers for you, so I don't have anything to add, but I look forward to seeing you around here and seeing pics of whatever you find!
  6. Welcome to TPF. I'd spend some time on eBay searching different Coach options: duffle, satchel, tote, Soho, etc. You'll soon see lots of different styles from previous years and I bet you'll start making lists of things you like. Use the Completed Auctions search to get a sense of the range of prices people have paid for the various styles. Good luck and if you have authenticity questions, post them in that section and someone will likely give you a speedy answer. You may have read the enabling thread that ran through here last week - we love to assist. :graucho: Happy hunting! Post pics of that first buy.
  7. One thing you want to decide on, if buying a tote, is the type of "top Closure" that you prefer. Some are open, some have a dog leash, others have zippers, others have magnetic snap.

  8. Thank you guys for the warm welcome! You've given me some great ideas and more things to think about.

    noshoepolish and willowsmom...do you hit the Lancaster outlets often? Can you let me know what you find your next trip. The Lancaster outlet is probably the closest one to me. I'm thinking of calling there but I really need to figure out what to ask them first! I read the FAQ's about the outlets and I know there were some great deals around President's Day but do you think there will be more deals and new things now that the spring line is in the main stores?

    Thanks again everyone! "See" you around!