Hi, new here; saw coach ergo in stores...

  1. well, I have not been into coach lately b/c I'm not personally a logo person, so when I got the email abt the coach ergo, I had to go check them out. I love the bags, look great in person, but none of them fit well on my shoulder :sad: Not sure if I just have a weird fit or not. I own around 7 coach bags, most of them are the "classic" bags (willis, station, etc.). Anyway, the turquoise looked so nice with the new scarf tied to them.

  2. The Ergo bags are lovely.
    Im sorry you didn't like the way they fit. Maybe try one of the smaller sizes in the hobo or tote. That turquise is beautiful.
    Good luck, the good thing about Coach there is always something new waiting just around the corner.
  3. That bums me out! Because I desperately want one, so I hope it *fits*
  4. I love the turquoise hobo. It's also very cute in brass/camel.
  5. I loved the large ergo tote with the turnlock detail in turquoise, but I tried it on in the store and somehow it looked too large on me. It just didn't "fit" me right or something. I'm usually a big bag person but something about the shape of this one didn't hang right on me or something. Probably a good thing actually--I have spent to much $ on bags this year already!
    I like the small ergo but I wish it had the turnlock detail.
  6. I agree about the size of that bag- I thought the same thing. I ended up buying the Hobo in Turquoise, it was my favorite and I thought it looked ugly sitting there! I loved the Vintage Leather Camel color, but they don't have it in the smaller tote size or I would have purchased it too.
  7. i have the ergo tote in turquoise the large size and its AMAZING!!! I am a bigger girl though and so maybe thats why i feel it suits me better??

    I hope you find the ergo that fits you though because they are AMAZABLE!
  8. Helpl, the ergo tote looked fantastic on you!
  9. AWW amelia thank you! :smile: thats so sweet!!!
  10. Well, I'm only 5' so maybe that's why the larger one just didn't seem to "fit". I also wish they had the turnlock detail on the smaller one. I tried the large & sm
    C(k)arly? & the large shoulder strap fit perfectly, but the bag was too big for me. When I tried on the smaller one, the strap seemed too small for me. I need something that stays on my shoulder (I have 2 little ones). Any recommendations (I'm sort of plain jane)?
  11. The Legacy shoulder, 10328, stays perfectly on the shoulder, I have 3 of those. The Ergo's seem to fit perfectly on me too, but I have large , broad shoulders. My Teen has narrow shoulders and they don't fit her comfortably.
    Wish List is growing again !
  12. I'm nearly 5'9" and the medium hobo fits really well. It stayed on my shoulder without adjustment for a day of shopping. I know it doesn't have the turnlock, but it's really a great bag!
  13. I ordered the vintage leather Ergo tote after trying one on in the store (and being told I would have to order since they only got ONE and it had pen marks)...when it finally arrived, it seemed larger than it did in the store. I love it, though! I am planning to carry it tomorrow. I can't imagine how big the Maude XL must be if the large vintage is this big!
  14. The Ergo fit fine on me, but they just didn't "do" anything for me.:shrugs: But like queenvic said, try the Legacy bags. I hope you find something you like!!
  15. Thanks guys--I will check it out. I might even have a legacy bag, if it's the one I'm thinking of, it fits like a dream.