Hi, New here! have question about ink stains

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new here. I came across this place on complete accident & just want to say I :heart: it here!!
    I have a question that hopefully you girls can help me with. I have the large Carly in chambray/khaki , somehow I have gotten ink marks on the light blue interior! Any ideas on how to get these out?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I am so sorry, I wish I could help you....:sad: I don't know how to get ink stains out! Somebody here must know for sure. Hang in there!
  3. Somebody in here mentioned magic eraser once...but I'm not sure if that would do it. Best to wait for somebody who really knows what they're talking about! I'm definitely not the one! Sorry!
  4. CHEAP HAIRSPRAY!!!! if it is from a regular ballpoint pen... a lady who works at a handbag company (she won't tell me which) told me that it takes an ink mark off anything even fabric!! i would spray a q-tip with it and rub first to try it...
  5. i wouldnt use hairspray...

    get a mr clean magic eraser (the original NOT the super foamy one...its in the blue box). get is slightly damp (not soaking wet) and then rub the stain away. it should come off.
  6. she could test the hairspray on something else... like a t shirt or the corner or something.. i m sure it will work
  7. the fabric from a t-shirt is very different plus if its ink you run the risk of spread it elsewhere in the bag and to the outise of the bag. she can do it if she wants, i was just saying i would never do it.
  8. I think I'm gonna test it on an old Tee! Now I'm curious!
  9. tell us what happens/ if you get the stain out and how.
  10. Wanted to let you guys know that the hairspray worked!! Thanks So much for the great idea Katrynar!
    So everyone knows in case you ever need to remove some ink I used Dove Flexible Hold hairspray, sprayed a q-tip & rubbed the ink mark. I wipped over the spot with a very damp cloth, i was afraid the hairspray would leave a mark but no mark!
  11. you re welcome! i got the recommendation from an expert working at a handbag company, so i figured she could not be wrong!
  12. A tide pen also works really well. I carry a tide pen in my purse with me everywhere - especially when I was carrying my white ski hobo. It would take salt, pen and everything out of the white nylon fabric.

    I have also used it on my legacy agenda....I just always test a small spot first.
  13. I just used a tide pen yesterday on an ink spot that I got on the exterior of my white Soho Sig Hobo. It worked great. I'm not sure how a tide pen would work on a colored fabric?