Hi! New here...Does anyone have the RM Date Clutch in the Black/Blue combo? r/o

  1. I ordered my first RM bag last night, the MAB in sage, and now I'm looking at tis date clutch in blck/blue. Is this a little clutch or is it decent size? Also are there any Bluefly codes that work? I think I tried them all last night and nothing worked. Anyway, TIA and I LOVE this place!!!

  2. ^ For Bluefly codes, you should check the deals/steal subforum. There are many codes for Bluefly that are posted there. :flowers: Sorry can't help you on the clutch though.
  3. I have one and it's a pretty substantial size. About the size of a magazine when folded, but thin:


    DOR127B worked for $30 off $150 when I ordered.