Hi New Here! Bow Clutch

  1. Hello Girls -

    I love bags and I have been lurking for a few months. Just wanted to say hi, since a couple of threads here inspired me to get the Prada Muff Clutch in the gradient Grey. Now I think maybe I made a mistake and should have gotten the black / pink? Any thought? (Hubby is of no use)
  2. Welcome to the forum! I like the gradient grey. It is such a beautiful and unique color. If I were you, I'd keep the gradient grey since black is too normal. Pink? Well.... Maybe.... But I still like the grey better.
  3. I have seen the gradient grey clutch in person. I think it's the cutiest looking clutch among all. but no shoulder strap though...........
  4. The gradient gray is TDF. If I were you I'd stick with it!
  5. i vote for gradient grey too!!!
  6. Thanks for all the replies/ I also found it in the gradient grey to pink. So I got both I figure I'll decide later when I have looked them both over.
  7. do you know if the grey one comes with strap or now ?
  8. The pink to grey does not. The other one (grey to black) Fed Ex will deliver tomorrow. So I will let you know then. But I do not think that the gradient clutches have straps.
  9. Thanks pikeeygrl, do you know how much they are selling right now ?
  10. I just bought a bowler bag in the gradient gray and love it! I think you will love the color combo.
  11. Each one was $895 USD
    Hawaii has the black one with a pink bow for $730 though.
  12. I have the talco/ardesia blow clutch (gradient beige-taupe-anthracite) and :love: her, no strap though. But the point is, she's a clutch, right? ;) I much prefer the grey one, the pink one is way too girly for me.
    Get what fits your style!

  13. Ok so both arrived and the SA descibed the one she sent out incorrectly. So I have two pink to grey to greyish black cluches. One is going back to Saks. Oh well! At least I was able to get one.
  14. I love the gradient grey bows -- enjoy !!

  15. Just have to say (again) - I absolutely LOVE your clutch - it's just too cute for words! I may have to get one someday...somewhere... :love: