hi - new here. Anyone heard of...

  1. Tylie Malibu handbags? I saw them at Blue Bee in Santa Barbara CA a few weeks ago.
    wondering what the "pro" purse owners thought.

  2. I believe I've seen this label before but I've never really paid much attention to it. From looking at the bags they're not really my style. I could see myself with some of the leather bags, but other than that they dont really do anything for me. Sorry. However Im by no means a handbag expert. I only own 1 Chloe and a D&B bag :lol:
  3. I like the suede Pyramid bag. It is really cute. Have never seen them IRL, only online though, so no frame of reference. Sorry!
  4. These have been popular for a few years now, the most well-known styles have jewelled straps (at one point you could even get them personalized). They come in suede, patent, nubuck, lamb, deerskin, all kinds of leathers and are well-made. Do a search here and you'll find some good discussion about this brand.
  5. I can't seem to figure out how to search.
  6. I have a black medallion flight bag and love it. it's a great throw around bag. Light and really well made. It has the most gorgeous green leopard lining too :smile: I'm in the market for a leather exeter bag next :yes:
  7. there's 4 blue tabs at the top of each page right next to the big Purse Forum icon, click on search and type in
    tylie malibu