Hi! New and question about insoles?

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  1. Hi-
    I have tried to search if this was discussed before but didn't come up with anything. If there is a thread already please forgive me :smile:

    So I am new to the CL world and so in love! I bought a gorgeous pair of Burgundy glittart NP's but they were a little tight. Intent on keeping them, I tried the "sock trick" (Thank you ladies for that info!!) and also got some shoe stretching spray.

    Much to my dismay this morning when I went to try them on again, I noticed the gold signature on the insole was rubbed off! I was so upset! I can still see the outline were the lettering was.

    Does this normally happen eventually with wear? Did I use too much spray? It almost brought tears to my eyes that I have "ruined" them.

    Anyway, thanks for any input. And I am off to try to find my next pair!
  2. That usually does happen over time. The spray probably quickened the process. If the shoes are still, then don't worry. At least now they fit so you can wear them.
  3. yeah, dont worry too much about this. the gold signature is just imprinted on, so with wear it would have slowly rubbed off anyways. the spray probably just enhance the process.

    most important thing is that they now fit you and you are going to have some much fun wearing them!
  4. Oh I really feel for you. Better they fit than that the gold is a bit missing. Try not to be upset, I imagine how you must feel, but you did the right thing trying to make them fit and it can't be undone so put them on and go strut about feeling a million dollars, it's the outside everyone else sees. And you still have the stamp on the red sole. Big hugs x
  5. Some of the CL signature in my insoles have rubbed off with wear. Unfortunately, it cannot be prevented. Nobody will notice, so my advise to you is to just show off and enjoy wearing your fabulous CLs.

    BTW, Congrats on your first pair of Loubies!
  6. Thank you so much everyone! You are right, the most important thing is now they fit comfortably. I really do love them. I feel better knowing it could happen just from wear also.

    I love this forum! My DH thinks it's dangerous for me though, lol!
  7. ^^Trust me, it is! Your feet will be happy, but your wallet will be sad.
  8. He is right! :devil:
  9. Dear Serena, the gold might rub off and the uppers might stretch and change their shape a bit to fit your feet (they'd better, huh!), but they'll still be amazing beautiful Louboutins. Insoles can discolour slightly with sweat as well but that is all part of the natural process of a new shoe becoming your shoe. I'm sorry you feel as if you've ruined your VPs but just put them on and you won't even see the insole! :P