hi! new and needing help!

  1. just joined this thing today! and im also a new tokidoki fan! i was at metropark one day and saw the pirata zucca and had to get it! mind you, this was last sunday! now im hooked! the next bag i was thinking about getting was the l'amore gioco, but i cant seem to find one anywhere. can anyone help me find one? that would be greatly appreciated! oh yeah, i would love to talk about the bags too, i love them! my sis always yells at me and says im obsessed, hahaha :p
  2. Macy's online had them as of a few days ago. I cannot remember if Nordstrom's online did.
  3. Hi googlygrape. I got mine from Nordstrom.com. I know, you can't hand pick your print, but I personally think you can't get a bad print placement with the Amore. Plus, the Gioco is large enough that everyone is present and accounted for! :supacool:
  4. And www.pulsestl.com might have them....possibly at 20% off and $5 shipping? Worth checking their website....but you have to call them to order.
  5. I reeeeally wish you didn't have to call them to order. I much prefer online. I have long hours at work, and they're probably closed by the time I get home :sad:
  6. the lesportsac rep i spoke to last month said that the lamore line should be available in department stores, particularly macy's. you should call the store before you go though. i didn't have the opportunity to go yet. (yeah i know, how is that possible??!)

  7. You can contact Pulse via email and put an order through that way. But, I am pretty sure they sold out of Amore Giocos last week, someone on this forum bought the last one -- to the best of my knoweldge, unless they got another shipment, which I doubt.
  8. My local Macys has them. If you tell me what you want it to look like I can try and find one for you.
  9. awh thanks guys! bubblesung actually emailed me and has one for sale! im trying to set up my paypal account and get it. shes selling it for 178 (including shipping and such). is that a good deal?
  10. If it is for an amore gioco you will be paying over retail. Retail is $160. But it is up to you. :shrugs:
  11. Heh, well she can look on the bright side, it's at least $20 off Hawaii prices hahaha. And, Stephiee has really nice tokis so I would say you're probably paying for print placement with shipping & paypal fees..so not bad lol. Especially if you can't get it anywhere else and no one will help you with print placement like big stores.
  12. That is a nice gioco. At least you have a pic of the exact bag you will be receiving.
  13. also i forgot to say, is the gioco a good bad? i hear a lot of complaints/raves about it so i cant decide. opinions?
  14. I have 3 of them. It is a pretty style to look at but function wise I find it to be a bit cumbersome to get in and out of. You usually have to set the bag down to get into it. My biggest gripe is the zipper on the more recent prints like pirata, adios and amore. I have the gioco in all of these prints and the zipper is hard to unzip and zip.