Hi Neptune...Saw inside your bag....

  1. I took a peek inside your bag on Friday and saw some cool dvd's, wanted to let you know I got Kamikaze girls.... OHMYGOD, it was soooo great! and, I ordered the others.... thanks for letting me take a look... Maybe I should post a bag...this maybe shoulda been a PM, but I'm too busy and lazy...:confused1:

    Here's my Shirley,,, do ya like!!!! And, my perle bedford...

    I love getting stuff like your videos off of the purse forum, I love how purses and life intersect.....
    Shirley.jpeg Precious Perles.jpg
  2. Vee.... *drool* bags definitely. Hope Neptune sees this. :flowers:
  3. You are so all over the place Vee and I'm pretty sure that's what I :heart: about you! Hope Neptune sees this too!
  4. awww...
    your shirley is precious....:smile:
  5. I'm totally all over the place, you should see me at work, spread out like a mutha... it's no fun, thank god for cool bags, wallets, and the forum, helps to keep me sane or insane I'm not sure which is which, Japanese movies are my new obsession next to LV... I'm starting a collection... I heart this forum!
  6. Thanks berrypuff! I feel so sexy when I use her... she's a tiny lil thang...:yes:
  7. :heart: :heart: :heart: the Shirley!!

    The perle picture is fabulous!!!

    Love to Louis - he's great. The ponytail is way too funny.
  8. Thanks Tamaralin! He's a real samurai, like in Taboo! (japanese film)...
  9. OT: oh, yes, i keep forgetting to mention Louis--that is one rockin pig you have there--too :supacool: !!!
  10. Love the Shirley. I dont know if its better in black or white. They look cute in both colors.
  11. I'm teaching him how to do the pig dance... some girls from horseback riding came over to see him and I got him to do the first part of the dance,,, standing up on hind legs for a grape!
  12. Lovely new purchases... especially the Pearl Vernis items. :biggrin:
  13. ^I agree...I was seriously drooling at the perle items. :drool:
  14. Oooh, perle vernis is so lovely! I'd be afraid to use it, though.
  15. no fears, just walk on through the looking glass!;)