Hi need help :)

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  1. Hi I am looking for the large black luxury tote in black paten. any chance anyone has seen one lately? Thanks :smile:
  2. NM had some ..Ask them to look it up in their computer
  3. Hi they show in the system but I dont think anyone is giving it up :smile:
  4. You need to ask your SA which stores are showing they have one available & give them a call yourself.
  5. Hey I thought of that but I kinda feel bad
  6. Why do you feel bad?:confused1: Anytime that I am looking for something & my SA looks it up & is only showing a couple left in the company, she tells me to give them a call myself. She said they sometimes donot want to give the item to another store, but if you call & do a phone order w/that store, it's easier. No reason to feel bad!!!:nogood:
  7. I know your right I will do that Thanks .I will let you know how I make out :smile:
  8. Good luck!!! I hope you find it!!!:yes:
  9. I called my sa and she was happy to help me:smile:
    so I put the calls in this morning we shall see Thanks