Hi-Need help with color

  1. Hi Marc jacobs experts!

    I've been more of a Gucci girl, but recently saw a bag on a stranger that I must have. It was definitely a large multipocket, and had gold hardware.

    At first I thought it was white, but realized it was more of a bone/vanilla/cream type color...so beautiful!

    I've been out looking, and have seen pure white and that yellowy 'natural' color, but nothing that looks like the above description.

    Does anyone know what it might be?

  2. Ivory perhaps?
  3. Could be tapioca...
  4. Thanks guys!

    This color was closer to ivory, I think.

    I will have to go the MJ store, and see what they think. I'm hoping i can still get this bag. The gold hardware and the soft white color were gorgeous....perfect for summer, but not as stark white as the new white ones.
  5. Is the colour called putty with the light gold hardware?
  6. It wasn't grayish or yellowish....more of an ivory...I almost mistook it for pure white until I saw the pure white.

    I do think the pure white this season is gorgeous...just think ivory would be more versatile and seasonless.

    Still on the hunt. Thanks for everyone's help. There's another lady asking for pics of ivory multipockets, and I'm hoping somebody posts one.
  7. There were ivory colors called Chalk and Ivory in different issues
  8. Hmm...

    I'd love to see this chalk color. Also wondering what 'bone' looks like.
  9. Well-

    Finally realized that what I saw was a Large MP in Tapioca from Resort '06.....and that I'll probably never get one...sob!

    Any ideas on how to dig one up? Is it worth it to hound a salesperson at the store? Will they help you by looking it up and locating it?
  10. ^ Have you tried calling a MJ Boutique?
  11. That will be my next step...just wondering if they are able to do a locator on one.

    In some of these places they won't help you because the sp doesn't get comission on purchases from other stores.