Hi! My new Baby Stam, awww.

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  1. Hi all! I don't really post in here, but I got a new MJ baby Stam as a lil brother to my Big Stam for my Birthday this past Sunday. The color is incredible and I love it more than anything. I am mainly a Louis Vuitton girl, but if I'm gonna cheat on LV with anything, it'll be with MJ and his damn Stams! =p

    Here it is! Little Stam in Teal, but it really looks a pine-ish green. the teal name is odd to me, but whatever, it's GREEN and I LOVE green. yay :heart:



    and both together, hehe.

    Thanks for lookin guys xoxo. :love:
  2. WOW!! I LOVE that shade of green!! Absolutely gorgeous...congrats!!
  3. Stunning little Stam! The colour is so pretty! Congratulations!
  4. I love that shade. I want a baby stam one of these days. They are so adorable.
  5. Love that!!! That color is gorgeous!! Got a modeling pic? Can you fit a lot of stuff in it? Congrats & Happy Birthday!!
  6. Wow, that baby stam is amazing!! does it have blue topstitching? Sooooo pretty! Congrats.
  7. Love that color!!
  8. I love this!!! Congrats again on your wedding!
  9. That's so pretty, I love the green color with the gold hardware!

    And happy birthday too!
  10. it's super cute! I love the deep green! congrats!!!!
  11. I love the color and the topstitching! Congrats!
  12. That is a BEAUTIFUL color, and I am super envious! Great choice! Seriously!

  13. I am also an LV girl, but understand the Marc LV connection so it is a very fair way to cheat! And what a beautiful bag, congrats and enjoy it!
  14. I definitely understand the direction you went, not a bad choice at all!
  15. Thanks everyone for all the congrats, b-day wishes and wedding grats!

    And to answer the topstitching question, it's a dark greenish color, a few hues darker than the leather.

    I do love the color....I'm wondering if there is a big (regular) stam in this color?! If so, I'd be super tempted...if not, then a deep dark blood red or deep dark eggplant purple stam will do me just fine in a bit. :roflmfao: :heart:
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