Hi, my name is Samantha and I am a Jimmy Choo Newbie

  1. Seriously! I go away for a little bit and I don't recognize any of the new Choo bags:nuts: So many new threads and bags to peruse:p
    It's kind of cool...there are some nice bags for S/S:drool:

    I have really missed all my tPF friends! I am not back in full force yet. Soon though...very soon. The holidays are over, my house guests are gone, my children are back in school, and my rotator cuff injury that I inflicted on myself in an effort to acquire Kelly Ripa Arms is almost healed.

    I see there has been some speculation as to what my "throne" and I have been up to. Stinkerbelle...jburgh??? I get it. I will now always be known as the Jimmy Choo girl with the Jimmy Choo Toilet seat. I am coming to terms with that. Hey, recently i missed a golden opportunity to put it to good use. I read somewhere that Madonna has fresh seats installed in all the hotel rooms she stays in. Well, on a recent trip to the Bahamas I realized it would have been a nice addition to my hotel room. What do you think ladies?

    As for cheating with LV...not gonna happen, Marc Jacobs...maybe I did a little, Valentino...the love affair may be over after my latest purchase. I do have a couple Choos to share though. I will post soon. It's good to be back and look forward to chatting with all you soon!
  2. Welcome Back!!! I too thought you might be on a world tour hunt for all the bags and shoes shown on your toilet seat!!!

    Please show pictures of your new purchases! Love your gorgeous modeling shots, and I ain't hatin' or anything!
  3. We miss ya,
    Great your back and not swept off your Choos' with a Valentino Fling
  4. Samantha's back :yahoo::party:

    So glad to see you are back to view the Spring :choochoo :collection preview :happydance:

    I hope you had a Wonderful Holiday and so sorry to hear about your mishap :sad: I seriously doubt you have to work on your arms, I would imagine they would put Kelly Ripa's to shame :boxing:

    Was Santa good to you ;)

    I hope your Throne is getting some use (no modeling photos required) :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. Nice to meet you, Samantha. Hope you feel better soon!
  6. Hi Samantha!!

    So glad you're back to bring a bit of decorum back to the forum! :tup: I swear....Lucy and Ethel....they have been running amok since you last visited! :drinks:

    I hope your holidays were fabulous and that you and your family are all in good health...well, except for that rotator cuff injury. Do I have one of those?? :wondering If so, where exactly would I find it? Do I use it whenever I pick up a piece of Godiva chocolate? If I do, I am SO going to give that thing a work out! :boxing:

    I can't wait to hear what you think of the new Choos, especially all the suede, that seems to be the hot topic of late! Well, one of them. Like I said before....Lucy and Ethel.... :drinkup:
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome back:smile:

    Bonnie, I can't believe you are only 15 wks away!!! I am so excited for you! I will post pictures of my latest acqisitions;)(love this one)

    Thanks Lady Chindoll. Very catchy! Hey, this year you and Stinkerbelle need to post pics. We are all dying to see your collections....Please?

    Robyn, Robyn, Robyn....the "Throne"...no actual use yet. Alot of viewings and jealous stares and comments. I have big plans for my special Choo. Don't you worry. This baby is not going to waste. And yes, Santa and Mrs. Clause were very good to me this year. I already saw your new Ramona. No need for me to wonder about your holiday haul!!!

    meeowy, thanks. Nice to meet you too:flowers:. Your avatar looks just like a kittie I had growing up named Ginger:tender: What's your baby's name?

    Stinkerbelle, I love the word "amuck". Ever since I saw the movie Witches with Bette Midler I can't just say it once. It is always three times.

    You do seem to have the location of the rotator cuff down. Funny you should mention eating affecting your rotator cuff. I thought I was on the mend until I was at lunch and went to shove a handful of fries into my mouth, when I experienced a sharp debilitating pain in my right shoulder(debilitating as in I could not finish my fries with my right hand). I think all the plate to mouth action over the holidays exacerbated my problem. My DH swears it is all the different bags I haul arround. He will blame anything on a bag...heehee. BTW, I love dark chocolate!!!!

    So far S/S looks way more promising than Cruise.

    Wow! This looks like a Stinker Novella!
  8. ^^Ahhh, I see you are using the Gaelic spelling of "amuck", while I was apparently using the Eskimo spelling (amuk)! But the movie Witches is one of my favorites! Actually, anything with Bette and I'm there! :heart:

    I'm SO glad you're back Miss Samantha!!! :yahoo:

    Oh, and by the by....I need NO hands, arms, rotator cuffs what have you to polish off a plate of fries! As long as they're salty....yum!
  9. Oh, you have a rotator cuff injury? I guess you just gotta rest it, huh? Well, if you ever need to talk about it, you know my DH is useful for SOMETHING:shrugs:... he's an Orthopod doc so PM me if you ever want to talk to him about it:yes:.

    Welcome back, again!!! You can have your brief flings and affairs, but we're still glad you come home to us :graucho:!!
  10. I call him Hobbes. :heart: He is a really laid-back and silly cat. Ginger is a great name for an orange cat!
  11. HI!! And welcome back:flowers:. I have to thank you for one of your older modelling posts - I think it was in the BV subforum. You wore a Tory Burch top that I had eyed in the SS07 sales but forgotten about. I saw it on you, it looked great and guess what, NAP still had it on sale so now I'm the lucky owner of that top:yahoo:. I hope to be able to use it soon on vacation. I won't be taking any toilet seats along though. Maybe we should start a new sticky: "the tale of the travelling Choo seat"(:yucky:), the way the Hermès ladies have their twilly thread.
  12. hi samantha! :smile:sorry to hear you injured your rotator cuff. :sad:feel better soon!:flowers:
    happy new year and hope you had great holidays!:heart:
  13. Here you go Stinkerbelle
    from Yupik
    This word originated in United States (Alaska)

    To keep feet warm and toes intact during even the coldest days of an arctic winter, Native Americans long ago invented mukluks, soft-soled insulated boots that are like moccasins with risers. In the Yupik Eskimo communities of the north, mukluks were traditionally soled with seal-skin, and that is where they got their name, from the Yupik word for a seal.

    ...and so you were. Your talents never cease to amaze. Now you know Eskimo;)

    I agree, love Bette. I can't think of one movie she has been in that I don't absolutely
    love. So many good ones.

    Bonnie, yes, resting my shoulder does alot of good. Thanks for the offer. Good to know!Pretty soon I will be back to normal. Watch out Kelly! The position at my computer does not exactly help but I think I can suffer through it:graucho:

    meeowy, was he named after Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes?

    Poleramil, too funny! The Hermes ladies have a "twilly" and we have a toilet seat:roflmfao: We are such a classy bunch!

    Glad I could be of assistance with the Tory Burch tunic. Great top! Congrats.

    Thanks Mick:flowers: Wishing you a wonderful New Year too.
  14. Hello Samantha - it's great to have you back! :woohoo: Feel better! :yes: Oh and it's funny how your DH blames the pain on the bags - I get backaches and my DH blames it on the bags too! :huh:
    I am excited to see your "latest acquisitions"! :nuts:
    Anyway, hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas and New Year's! Group hug!!! :tender:
  15. I, too have a shoulder that keeps bothering me. It gets better, then I do something stupid...like work out like a warrior and ping!!! That is what it feels like, I swear then I can't move it in the wrong direction for a week or so.

    Are you doing PT? Have they given you any of those nasty shots?
    I keep thinking I'm gonna have to have "the surgery" one of these days.
    DH had it a couple of years ago and, my oh my I don't want to go thru that!
    I've heard the laproscopic is a little easier tho.

    Maybe if I just let it get better for awhile and quit lifting.
    But, the alternative is saggy triceps...eeeekkkk.

    Anyway, glad to have you back. :love: