Hi my name is melissa and im Hooked on louis vuitton (reveal)!!

  1. So I just got the vernis alma last week...so why not get something else today right...I might need a support group for LV addiction. who's ready :biggrin: ???!!
  2. Ready!!!!
  3. I'm here to!!!!!! Hurry hurry!!!!!!
  4. Me...
  5. I'm here !!
  6. Here
  7. Im here!
  8. :woohoo:

    (dude where is that popcorn emote when you need it)
  9. First
  10. L
  11. Tada
  12. i understand your addiction completely, she is a beaut! :love: enjoy her in good health
  13. nice! congrats!
  14. Beautiful! Love the bag charm
  15. Pretty bag!! What's it called? Anyone know if its as big as the hampstead mm or as heavy?