Hi, my name is DC-Cutie and I'm a shoe addict

  1. this is utterly ridiculous, over the past week, I've purchased these. I'm on an OFFICIAL SHOE BAN!!!!!

  2. and these:
  3. oh wait, these too from J. Crew
  4. Lovely collection! I can completely see why you "had to buy" all those shoes. They're gorgeous!
  5. i completely agree with LeeLee!
  6. great haul, dc-cutie! love the first pair. they look fabulous!
  7. :love:
  8. Great buys .......congrats!
  9. the way i see it, shoes are a necessity because otherwise, we'd all be walking around barefoot. well, that's how i justify them anyway. enjoy your new purchases! :yes:
  10. Love them all!!!!
  11. I don't blame you, they're all adorable!
  12. Great buys!
  13. Excellent purchases!
  14. you have great taste though
  15. Fantastic purchases!!

    I may need to get the J Crew lime green pair!