Hi, my name is allthingsgirl and I'm a tokidoki-aholic.. :]

  1. Ladies...

    Well, before I joined tPF, I had only 2 bags -- a pirata canguro(a?) and citta bambione...

    and now! This week I just ordered:
    - spiaggia zucca
    - adios star ciao
    - l'amore bambione
    - notte bella

    ah!!!! the worst part is now i want a foresta mamma mia and something in the original print! :sad: and...a denaro in something and maybe a dolce. ugh! all your bags are so beautiful. :smile:



    i'm so glad to find others out there are just as crazy. :smile:

    thanks for having this forum!
  2. Welcome to the forum!! We're all toki addicts here :p Once I found this place, I went on a bag buying SPREE~ It's all good :biggrin:
  3. Welcome to our obsession. I had been holding off for a long time, thinking that it would be just like Lay's potato chips...you can't have just one. But once I started, I found myself needing to look, seek out sales, and then checking my piggy bank to make sure I had enough money to pay for everything.

    Since coming here, my piggy bank has been starving. Sigh... :s
  4. Ok, I'm totally effed. Just in the past week I've bought an AS Campeggio, a Paradiso Dolce, a Tutti Dolce, and unfortunately just now a seller accepted my best offer for an Inferno Caramella. I can't afford all this! No, really-- I've turned into some kind of maniac.

    I may have to return my Trasporto Dolce to LSS, and either sell my Inferno Bambino or return the Caramella I just bought. What to do? Advice, please!
  5. i made my first inferno purchase today and i think its going to be deadly because now i'm in love with inferno...
  6. hehe yay for new addictions
  7. hey allthingsgirl
    welcome to the addiction! It's awesome to share the same passion with so many other people! I gotta say that I loved toki's but when I stumbled upon TPF i really went :yahoo:
    crazy. I wanted every single print and then some...
    Slowly you will get a hold yourself and hopefully not go broke...
    I have to say it's super fun to find the hard to find, rare, perfect placement bag, but when you do....:party:

    i :heart::heart::heart: TOKIDOKI!
  8. Welcome! ^_^
  9. Nice to meet you! :smile:
  10. Whatever you can't afford sell on eBay or return to where you bought it from if possible. Keep your most favorite things out of the bunch and return the other stuff. I'm not in :heart: w/trasporto so I say return that! Will that help you?

    Welcome allthingsgirl to the toki addiction!! It's fun here just be careful, you'll be broke until you get everything you want! :nuts:
  11. I agree with Jeny maybe sell or return the trasporto dolce. I sent mine back and just kept the denaro. As cute as the characters are I think the print is just too kiddie.
  12. yes, opinions are very helpful! Thanks!
    I like Trasporto, but I've got a Denaro already and a little of that print goes a long way, if you know what I mean. I can live without the Trasporto Dolce.
    And maybe I should shed all my Inferno stuff because ideally I would want a Denaro and maybe a Zucca (sigh, someday) in that print, instead of the Bambino and Caramella I seem to have acquired.
  13. I am in the same position, I cannot afford this addiction, however the thought of selling my bags makes me want to cry as it took so much hunting to find them, and I am scared i wont be able to buy them back or get anything like them in the future now they are not being made anymore. :crybaby:

    I just promise myself that once the vacanze comes out and I get my zucca I am going to stop spending and save like mad to pay everything back. Then if I do well and I am back in the black by a good amount I will maybe buy ONE cute foresta or any little bag on eBay in a print I do not have and have been after to finish off the collection. :party:

    Starting the toki addiction late means a lot of catching up. its hard for us late coming toki addicts. :tdown:
  14. Welcome! this forum takes addiction over the edge!:woohoo:
  15. Welcome ALLTHINGSGIRL!! OH, this place is very addicting!
    COUG, I'm no help bc I love inferno. Keep them!! haha!