Hi, my first deal request..Anyone know of a code for a Rebecca Minkoff MA mini/Gray

  1. I would like to buy one of these bags in the Dark Gray. I know shoprapunzels has the grechen code but I was wondering if anyone out there knew of a better code. TIA!
  2. activeendavors.com has a 25% off code "apologies"--they have a number of RM grey bags. hope this helps!
  3. Tobi.com has the Rebecca Minkoff MA mini in dark grey. I found a code (TOBIFAF2), but when I attempted to apply it, the code was declined stating that it didn't apply towards the purchase of sale items!! Problem is, the handbag didn't appear to be on sale. I quickly emailed them to inquire about the validity of the code and will post the response whenever I receive it. In the meantime (time permitting), I will try to find an alternate.
  4. I also found the mini at WinkNYC.com, and with the code GRECHEN, the total price is only $380.80!!!! This may or may not be the bag you are looking to buy.

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    UPS (Ground):

    Discount Coupon: GRECHEN :


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  5. did you try lunaboston.com?
    they usually have a great selection, and a grechen code for 20% off

    also, jcmadison

    here is my list of places that sell RM: http://directory.grechenscloset.com/results.php?search_menu=1&keyword=&category_id=599&advanced_search_menu=&country_id=&state_id=&region_id=&onlinemerchant=1

    and here's my new codes site - with all of the coupon codes for women's boutiques, so you can find the best one lol: http://www.grechenscodes.com

    eta: owlslab.com carries RM and there's a 25% off DC code good till tomorrow...
    also jake has an instyle code for 20% off (all the codes are on grechenscodes.com)
  6. That's so funny!! I always look at your site first when trying to help someone find the best possible deals! All those sites you listed have the RM MA bags, but they don't have the grey mini. Shop Emily Grace has it as well, but the price is a couple of bucks higher than Shop Rapunzels even with a 20% code. Active Endeavors only had the mini in the Elephant and Espresso colors. The absolute best deal I found was at Wink, but she may not like that color. Both Gurej and Dari were down for maintenance, so I was unable to look there. Grechen..you're the best!!
  7. DCWINK used to work for 25% off! So the grey would be $336 there if the code is still good. Hope that helps.
  8. Sorry...to clarify, DCWINK is for WinkNYC.com
  9. grechen...your new website's awesome! thanks so much!

  10. Hi pursesanity...we think alike!! I tried that one first, but the response was that it had expired. I was surprised that the second code worked. I also contacted Tobi.com in hopes that their Friends and Family code would be allowed, but it wasn't. The best they offered was a 10% new customer discount. I wish more of these online shops would either offer better discounts or be willing to price match the better sales.
  11. thanks so much!! please feel free to contact me if i'm missing any codes...it's hard to make sure everything is updated when it's just me!!
  12. lol, thanks!!! :smile:

    does revolve have it? they will always match competitors prices, and codes...

    i love a good scavenger hunt!! i hope she finds it.
  13. I bought mine at winknyc.com w/ grechen, it is the mini in charcoal.
    P9250016.JPG P9250018.JPG
  14. omg, i love that one! (it's too small for me lol, but I love the color/woven leather)
  15. revolve clothing has it and they apply 30% off coupon if you call them. They match it w/ shopepic's coupon.