hi... miss u guys.. taking a short trip to....

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  1. b-a-l-e-n-c-i-a-g-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-!!!!!!:love:

    i thought i would just write a note and say why.... i guess its my turn- to venture off and see the other side of this forum.... :angel:

    so--- yes, balenciaga! :heart: i love saying this word.... its so darn COOL!

    no- really, i have looked, touched, and felt the leather and then purchased, and i cannot let it gooooooo......:nogood:

    so - there i am, and its such a big world here in TPF- that some nights i cannot get around the whole world... but i do venture in and out....

    so- for now- im away- i may return, but i will never say goodbye to Louie, for forever.... and u r all a bit of a very close family---- i just wanted to let u know....

    PS: funny thing is, there are a few of u's over there!!!!:lol:

    and if anyone whats to know.... its the
    2008 City Light Magenta w/ GSH that got me!!!!!:heart: (pics on the forum!)
  2. Enjoy your stay with the bbag girls! Come back soon!
  3. You'll be back.. they always come back. :graucho:
  4. ^it's so true :shame:
  5. We all know she will be back! In the meantime, have fun Susie!
  6. haha I pop in and out over there all the time! I love the leather on my mens day =] but LV is still numero uno!
  7. ~*Susie*, just pop in once in a while and say hello:flowers: Don't stay away too long!~
  8. LOL! I like saying "Bah-lan-cee-ahh-gah" too. I don't own any tho.. not yet.
  9. How can't anyone come back to LV?!?!?!? There's nothing like it! Well enjoy yourself no matter where you venture! LOL
  10. ohhhhhh! u r all tooooo sweetttt! thanks and im sure ill b back.

    talk soon!

  11. Have fun! I'm there too all the time! my 2 loves LV and BBag's!
  12. ^^^^^^
    ayla took the words right out of my mouth !!!!!

  13. ^^^^ then travelbliss took the words right out of my mouth....!!!!!

    i know you'll be back Suzie.....:graucho: you'd better......or :bagslap:!!! LOL

    :heart:;) hehehe
    we'll miss you~~~~~~

    but anyway....Suzie, aren't you really taking a trip to Disney? are you coming THIS WAY?!!! let me know!!!
  14. i just got my first bbag =) but ill NEVER venture out of Louie
  15. welcome back !!