Hi~ me here to give Service to all LV fans~

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  1. I am a LV fan for more than 6 Years, and was working in a Brands 2nd hand store for a while of time. And love to shopping and selling in eBay for maybe 4 years. Paid somehow much to learned. However eBay is a very good place to shop LV if you know it's real. The price will be much more discount than other way to buy. I am a professional expert for LV authenticate service(well, I don't have license), but I know more than some LV sales do. I am new to this site, very glad to know you guys love it as I do.

    I will provide the authenticate service for Free(only LV) in photo or listing link. If anyone need help, please send me the clear photos or eBay item no. or ebay listing no., if the pictures are clear enough, 99% chance I will give answer once I see it. 1% chance I have to see it in hand(means you might need to purchase a written document from http://www.mypoupette.com/), if I cannot figure out by photo, mostly mypoupette cannot figure out either.

    This is Free service for all you guys who loving LV and cannot afford the full price^^ good luck to everyone.

    I applied a yahoo e-mail only for this site: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX once again, nice to meet you guys.
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  3. There is an authenticate section jessica I think anyone can participate
  4. Hi & welcome Jessica.
    There is an autheticate LV section here that you may wish to participate in
  5. Hi Jessica and welcome!!!
    I'm pretty sure your help at the "authenticate this thread" would be most welcome!
    you could check that thread every now and then...
    We pretty much send our authentication issues there and our friends here help us out...
    Your expertise would help alot!:yes:
  6. http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-shopping/authenticate-this-louis-vuitton-17670.html

  7. Welcome! I'm sure your input would be appreciated in the authenticating thread.:yes:
  8. Oh everyone is needed and wanted and it is great that you want to help..stay around..
  9. Sure your input & knowledge would be appreciated!
  10. Like the others have said, thanks for your kindness. You can find our Authenticate This thread in the Louis Vuitton Shopping Section. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.