Hi...me again! With another decision...lol.

  1. Okay....so I've decided that, though it's an amazingly gorgeous bag...the choc/bronze sig stripe tote is out, and now it's between the black/gunmetal and the Chelsea black sig satchel...which, to be honest is what I'm really feeling right now. I'm not even supposed to order a new bag until a month from now...but I need to get psyched for one! Plus I want to get as much info as I can get.

    Also, does anyone know if these two bags will even be available after the new floorset?


    It's between these two now....
  2. I am a sucker for the Chelsea satchel so if you can do a satchel and it won't bother you I vote for the Chelsea. :tup: I had that same satchel in khaki and sold it to buy the hobo but I regret selling it. :cry: Either one is very nice though. :okay:
  3. I love the chelsea satchel. I have it in black signature and I totally love it! She holds everything I need! Let me know what you choose! Good luck!
  4. Thanks, fieldsnsprings!!!

    Now, I've been eyeing this bag before (the Chelsea), and decided against it, because I was told that it has to be worn as hand-carried. But on the website, the drop is listed as a 9" drop...which is actually longer than my Heritage Stripe in medium(8 1/2" drop). It seems that it can be carried as a shoulder bag as well, but Coach is known to have listed wrong measurements before, and I know fellow Coachies with this bag have said it can't be carried on the arm.....any advice???

    PICS or modeling pics would be awesome!!!! Thanks!!!!
  5. They are both beautiful bags. I am a sucker for a classic black bag! Between these two, if the satchel would fit over my shoulder, I would choose the satchel. Its got a little more "something" going for it. However, if it wouldnt fit over my shoulder, I would get the tote without hesitation. That metallic stripe really stand sout in person. Either way you cant go wrong, and you can dress them up/change them for the seasons with a charm or scarf.
  6. Thanks, donnalynn!
  7. I LOVE the satchel!!!
  8. My vote is for the satchel! It's such a nice design and I love the style of that one. The turnlock closure at the top is really cute. The tote might be too big IMO.
  9. I can wear mine under my arm if I am not wearing a bulky coat, but it is wide so it is a little uncomfortable, but it is still an option. I usually wear mine on my arm. I love this satchel so much! I can't wait to see what you get!

  10. No problem.. I am still eyeing that bag :p As far as the drop, when I had mine it did fit on my shoulder but I would say it is definitely made to be a satchel.. I didn't think it was wonderfully comfortable and wouldn't want to carry it like that all day, but it can fit. At the time I only had one purse and it was too much for me to only have that be the satchel :crybaby: .. but I LOVED her.. the turnlock was so cute and easy and she was so cute and could hold a ton. If I could get another one at a good price I would jump on it. :nuts:
  11. Thanks everyone! I think it's going to have to be the satchel...whether it fits on my arm or not....it's just toooo pretty!!!!
  12. I lovey the satchel, mmm hmm :yes:
  13. I can't decided...get them both???:graucho:
  14. Done! LOL!!! I wish....oh well.
  15. get the satchel...yes I demand it, LOL