Hi Marc Jacobs fans, just sharing pics of my Faridah bag...

  1. It is a cute bag, great for casual every day use, roomy and little heavy, nice soft and thick leather.
  2. Wow!! You look amazing with that bag! Great pictures and gorgeous bag. Congrats!:yes:
  3. Congratulations!! Lovely photos and the bag looks perfect on you. The leather looks soooo soft.
  4. Cute bag and cute dress!:yahoo:
  5. :tender: Thank you.
  6. Thanks boxermom & chloe.
  7. Looks great on you, congrats!
  8. Thanks for the pics. You look gorgeous and so does the Faridah! :biggrin:
  9. Gorgeous bag, and it looks great on you! Nice outfit too! You can pose for Marc Jacobs bags at Shopbop.com in the future, hehe~!

    The bag is a tad heavy... but nonetheless, still Gorgeous~! :flowers: I think I need another MbyMJ bag now. *lol*
  10. You and your bag are beautiful!! Congrats!
  11. You are a great model! The bag looks great on you in every pose.
  12. :nuts: CONGRATS
  13. Wow, now I want that bag!!! It looks just perfect on you. Love that dress!
  14. Cute bag. Love the outfit. Congrats!!
  15. ^ I just saw these pics of your on the Marc reference library thread, I have to say again you look fabulous!! :smile:

    I'm seriously considering this bag now.. hehe

    Is the leather thicker than the softy/turnlock bags? Not as soft? And are the front pockets magnetic closures?

    Congrats again on your new bag!!