hi, looking for a wallet

  1. i saw a marc jacobs wallet in the december issue (i think) of elle. it was green, canvas, and said marc jacobs standard supply in white letters. i have looked all over online and can't find it anywhere. i looked on eBay too. anyone know where i can get one? thanks
  2. from your description, it must be from his marc by marc jacobs line. maybe if you could scan a photo, we could track it down...
  3. i suck, don't have a scanner. yeah, it is marc by mj
  4. Army Tote.jpg
  5. Ok, I give up. If you are really interested in the wallet I would suggest calling a MbMJ boutique. They should have it and can ship it to you for a $20 flat fee. Good luck!!
  6. ok, thanks a bunch
  7. I saw the wallet in Elle too, I agree with what Melly said!!