Hi ladies

  1. Chanel just went off sale. Pink/black and beige/black were 30 then 70 percent off. June and December are sale months.
  2. THANK YOU!! I gonna start saving up for dec!!!!
  3. There might be a few left if you call around. Call Saks and NM and ask them if they have any Chanel bags on sale left. You might luck up.
  4. Do you know if this one was on salel? And how much?
  5. Is there supposed to be a pic?
  6. there is a link on my first post
  7. I was just watching that auction =)

    The cambon bowling bag retails 1375. pink/black and beige/black went on sale for 40% off at Saks and then additional 30% off recently. Supposedly NM had white/black on sale but I don't think there were any bowlers, NM's sale was 30% off with an additional 25% off.
  8. Yea, black and white were SUPPOSED to not be on sale, but some places were selling them as sales items. I would still call Saks and Neimans and ask them. Be persistant if you really want one.
  9. OK one last ?...... This one is called a bowler bag? or tote bag?

  10. Yes, it's called a Cambon bowler bag. Goodluck on your search
  11. thank you guys you are all very nice!!!
  12. Some SA might call it a tote though (it says small tote on the receipt and tag) and if they do ask them if it's a horizontal rectangle. Also refer to the price to make sure you get the right one ($1375). Good luck!
  13. The link you posted is the mini bowler, which only retails for $1150. I'm not sure whether you were looking for the large one or this one, so I just wanted to inform you!