Hi Ladies!

  1. Haven't posted in a while. But I've definitely been sneaking peaks and admiring your new beauties when I needed a break at work... hehe. Hope everyone's been well.

    I just won this baby with a buy now:[​IMG]


    I'm really excited but worried as I've been burned before with a white venetia from eBay. the seller says it's in pristine condition but we'll see!! It's not used. Looks like it's from NR and I know Emmy got her gorgeous oatmeal MP there not too long ago (which actually made me go ahead and get this). So hopefully it's perfect! Got my fingers crossed.
  2. I love the oatmeal color! Congrats!!
  3. Very nice!:heart:
  4. Hmm...would this be your winter white bag? Love it!
  5. winter, spring, summer, and fall. haha
  6. So pretty! I love this color. Congrats on your new buy!
  7. Gorgeous color, wear it well. I love the lighter bags worn in the fall and winter.
  8. Beautiful
  9. nice!
  10. Very pretty! Congrats Frances Bean!!
  11. :crybaby:I was just looking through the seller's feedback and looked at her past auctions and I saw one for an oatmeal MP with the same pictures she used for the auction I won. I'm very scared! I asked her to please take pictures of the actual bag before she ships it tomorrow.... aaaah not again. :crybaby:
  12. She still hasn't replied. I'm scared she's going to ignore my messages and send it anyway and it's gonna come to me: a) fake or b) filthy/damaged ! why why why
  13. Don't worry yet... post pics in the auth this thread and we'll take a look at it. It could be possible that she bought multiples of this color since it's a NR bag.
  14. Yes, a few months ago I know that NR had a bunch of this particular color/style of bag.
    I'm hoping everything will work out for you! I have this bag also & it's beautiful!
  15. I will as soon as it comes! I'm 100% sure the bag pictured in the auction is real. The only thing that makes me freel slightly ok is that has sold multiple carbon blue MbMJ's (non turnlock line) that couldn't have been faked. But we'll see. eBay is scary!