Hi ladies, please help me :-) LV epi jasmin (red) and Mandrine color,which one....

  1. Hi ladies, I'm a newbie here and also new to this epi lines....

    But i fall in LOVE w/ this style, and veryyyyy confused at the moment because i don't know which color (red and mandrine epi jasmin) should i get??? I know you ladies in here have seeing or owned couples of this so please help me pick . I don't want to buy more than one or else hubby will kill me :biggrin:. Thanks sooo much!!

    *specially thanks to John 5 for always being very helpful , you rock :smile:*
  2. red!
  3. You're welcome! ;)

    I would choose the Mandrin Epi Jasmin because it's SUCH a breathtaking color and it's discontinued.
  4. Mandarin!!!!!

    Sorry over excited I love this colour ​
  5. ^^ agree, get the mandarin!
  6. hahhaha...THANKSSS ladies...Uh ohh...am in trouble now...after my friends and sisters kindda convienced me in getting the red one but looks like the majority ladies in here voted for mandrin color...I DO like that color too but i haven't seeing that color in real life therefore still skeptical about getting it.

    Ladies, if you've owned or seeing one, Wouldn't it hard to match w/ outfits though???? thanks
  7. oops double posts!

  8. :lol::lol::lol:
  9. Red!
  10. I don't find it hard to wear but I wear a lot of neutral colours

    just in case you still need convincing
    Sac Plat.jpg
  11. You really can't go wrong w/ either color. Since I have a few red purses, I would get the mandarin.
  12. Red!
  13. My vote is for red... I wear it with almost everything. I think red is a very classic color.
  14. Reallly, I LOVEEE both of the colors but seriously i can't see myself buying another epi since my addictions already went bad :smile:.

    I tried to imagine myself with these two colors and did a little search about this styles/colors. I even got more confused. They both looks really prettyyyyy!!

    Well the red is just one click away, the seller already made an offer. I won the Mandrin but that seller didn't send additional pics so i'm afraid it's going to be fake...So i guess, if that seller is not going to send me pics then i'll have to get the red one ...

    does anyone has a pic. of themself carried this bad in both colors????

    Thanks ladies for your inputs :smile:
  15. mandarin