hi ladies ,please help me getting a new celine :nano or phantom?

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  1. hello everyone:smile:,i need your valuable opinion again :cool:, i am thinking to get another celine(i actually have a mini navy blue and +a nano coquelicot and a trio in camel )

    i really love the shape and softness of phantom but i had to sold my praline because too delicate (still miss her though:crybaby:,i attached a picture of me and my ex phantom for reference)
    ..i also like the nano but i am afraid it would be too girlish on me (i am 35 years old ) ,162 cm

    i am also torn about the colour since i am a big fan of neutral (i would need a caramel/brown bag)

    so my options are :

    a phantom in palmelato praline

    - phantom blue with orange trims (too difficult to match?? hmmm)
    - phantom khaki with blue trims(again would it be easy to match?)
    - phantom light khaki

    - nano in navy blue (i would sell my mini blue)
    -nano in black
    -nano in camel [​IMG]
  2. Let me first say... You are freaking gorgeous!
    I would pick the light khaki phantom :smile:
  3. Definitely the natural tan stiff leather phantom! It's more modestly proportioned than the exuberantly winged supple phantom, keeps its clean lines and shape and lets the luxurious leather speak for itself.
  4. You are so beautiful

    To match your beauty with phantom bag you should pick the phantom khaki with blue trims. ;)
  5. thanks for your kindness :hugs:the light khaki phantom is really gorgeous , i am seriously considering it :graucho:
  6. you are so nice :heart: grazie!! ;)
  7. thanks porpentine , i love the bag in your avatar :drool: i am really torn between the khaki and the tan natural now :cool:..i actually prefer the phantom over the mini on me (too serious for my personal style, i am a balenciaga fan too:smile:)
  8. I pick Nano in navy blue
  9. i would pick black nano such a classy bag and it goes well with everything.
    and btw you r so gorgeous. :smile:
  10. seeing the beautiful pic of the phantom on you, DEFINITELY phantom. it looks amazing on you!

    you already have a nano (great color btw) and i am personally obsessed with the smooth navy mini so i hate for you to give that up :biggrin: also, it seems like the only reason you gave up your last phantom was the high maintenance leather, right?

    i vote either the palmelato praline or the light khaki. my mini is palmelato leather and i haven't needed to baby it at all...after a few months it still looks perfect. i agree that the phantoms with contrast piping are beautiful but realistically hard to match :-s palmelato praline and light khaki are fantastic neutrals, either one of these will be beauties :amuse:

    can't wait to see what you pick!
  11. Phantom in Khaki! Khaki is a color without being a COLOR, know what I mean? A nice neutral with some depth to it.
  12. phantom blue with orange trims - this is really cute!!

    Ur selling your nano blue??
  13. thank you so much for your nice words:smile:..yes the reason why i sold mine was just because so hard to maintain :hysteric:,but it was lovely ! I AM ON THE FENCE BETWEEN KHAKI AND NATURAL PALMELATO NOW!!

    thanks everyone for your comments:blossom:
  14. Light khaki phantom. Quick tip - you can wash it with a little liquid soap and water if it gets dirty! It will be so nice to have that color for Spring and Summer... If you can find it!
    Oh this is an old thread...what did you decide?
  15. I tried on the light khaki and is it a good neutral colour ..hoping to get my first celine bag soon:smile: