Hi ladies... Personal Question... has this happened to you?

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  1. Hi girls-

    I don't really post personal stuff like this here usually (generally I just chat about purses and fashion!) :yes: but I thought a group of girls might be able to help me explain this!

    Lately I have become weirdly emotional... more specifically, I burst into tears at the slightest thing! I don't mean because I'm upset (actually mostly quite happy with life at the moment, if a bit stressed) but suddenly, stupid stuff (like a sappy commercial) is turning me into a leaky faucet.

    I am NOT normally like this at all... I really don't cry often and am not the sappy type... anyone who knows me will tell you this.

    So what is up? Hormonal fluctuations? I haven't started any new BC recently or anything and there is virtually no possibility I'm pregnant, so I can't imagine why.


  2. That's the first thing I was going to ask...preggers....

    Does sound hormonal to me, did you just start or stop birth control pills?
  3. I get that way the week before my period. MUCH easier for me to cry, get emotional, etc.
  4. Sounds hormonal, pre-menopause?
  5. Totally hormones. I switched bc pills recently and it turned me into a raving lunatic. Then the new pill made me violently ill. I am now pill free and suffering severe headaches. I plan to see my doc about an IUD. Yuck, the thought makes me sick, but I can't do pills anymore. Plus, I heard about a study recently which found that the pill increases your chance of getting breast cancer by 40%.

    My hubby is soooo getting snipped soon. There are so many reasons NOT to be on the pill. And I am NOT having any more babies!!! Argh - whole new can of worms. Sorry for going OT...

    Good luck - Hope i didn't make you cry...:flowers:
  6. LOL Rose, you snatched the question right off my fingers. It tickled.

    ashlend, if there is a possibility that Miss Rose could be on the right track, feeling as if you are in a constant state of PMS, alternating between unbearable sadness and ungovernable rage, both entirely without reason, or over-reactions of absurd proportions, for example, bursting into tears at hokey commercials for Kleenex or being presented with a really challenging challenge to your commitment to non-violence in response to some commonplace annoyance like a client asking questions like "Aren't you my browser?," or being behind somebody in a store line who insists on initiating the Dreaded Price Check, etc. is a very common band in the Grand Parade of Symptoms that heralds the Liberation of Menopause.

    And if this is the case, talk to your gyno, who may, depending on your particular medical circumstances, be able to hook you up with a magical little pill that makes all that go away (well, most of it) and makes you feel about 20 years younger within 72 hours of your first dose.... :biggrin:
  7. I get that when I have my period. However after having gone on anti0depresents it nipped a lot of that high lows in the bud
  8. Things change with each passing year. Sounds like hormones.
  9. I'm going to second, third, and fourth everyone and say hormonal :yes:
  10. ah, yes, the hormones.
    i found myself watching old game shows and crying whenever somebody won a toaster or something. i was just so happy for them...
  11. Pre menstrual tension?