Hi Ladies........newbie here :P

  1. I don't even know where to start off........but I'd like to say that you ladies seem to be extremely sweet and very knowledgeable.

    So, I'm what you call a "lurker" only, cause I haven't mustered up the courage (& $$$) to buy myself a bbag. I've seen the bbags in mags and stuff, but never in person. When I first thought about getting one myself, I had no idea of all of the varieties and even what they were called. So I did some research online and thought what I was looking at the "real" thing, until I found this forum......so THANKS LADIES!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    My bf thinks I'm :wacko: crazy to even think about getting a bag that's 1k.......but I find myself more and more obsessed with it, I still have yet to see it in person. And I have a feeling once I do see it, I'm just going to fall in love with it and buy it right then and there :shame: .

    But I feel a little dumb for even obsessing over something I've never even held......but oh well, I've got to start some where, right??? :P

    My sister even gave me a propostiton, for her to buy me one........but I don't know if I can hold off for that long.......so hoepfully I get to join the "group" very soon.....:yes:
  2. WELCOME Angel!!!:welcome: So glad you are here! Yes- of course anyone who does not understand your love of handbags is going to think you're crazy for spending a fortune on a bag- BUT that's why we're here for you!!! I suggest you go look at them in person and decide which one is right for you.
  3. I know how you feel. I just received my FIRST Bbag and it is awesome. Hopefully soon you will get yours, too!
  4. Welcome, Angel!:flowers:
  5. welcome angel!!! :yahoo:
    when i get my first b-bags, i ordered it online and never saw it IRL too, but i can feel the softness of the leather from the pics.
    and OMG, when i touched it, i'm falling in love, i smiled all day with no reasons that my bf thinks i'm crazy or cheating on him :roflmfao: because i showed all the indications of people falling in love once again! ha ha ha
    i hope you get yours soon and i'm sure u'll love it!
  6. LOL :lol: .......you're too funny, but I'm sure my bf will think the same exact thing....:P
  7. :P glad to help, so by now u can warn him not too be concern with ur happy faces ha ha ha...
    please check the thread on the sticky on the top of this forum to see the ladies in this forum's bag so u can get an idea of what u'll like.
  8. :lol: seahorse... cheating on your bf w/ bbags! :yahoo: :roflmfao:

    welcme to the forum! I started out small with bbags- worked my way up... now I'm in the city size! I feel like a big girl now! :wlae: I say just save up for one, it doesnt hurt so much when you tuck away a few hundred here and there. :yes: spending that much on a bag also freaked me out! still does!
  9. yes, i agree with mocean... i saved up every week until i have ebough money, but i suggest to get a city if u only have limited budget, because for the price difference between city & the first is very small. and i'd rather spend on bigger bags.

    yes mocean, i cheated because my bags' skin is definetly softer & touchable than my bf's LOL :roflmfao:
  10. Welcome Angel!!!
  11. Welcome, Angel! I'm kind of new to this forum and to b-bags as well. I bought my first one in person last weekend and now I cannot stop plotting my next purchase(s). It's SICK!
  12. welcome!
  13. Welcome!:flowers:
  14. dont feel bad for obsessing over a bag you've never even seen in real life. i hadnt seen one either when i ordered mine! and i loooooove it! welcome to the board =)
  15. Hello! Actually, when I got my city bag I had never seen the city before. I got into bbags during the winter of 2004/2005, and they were SO hard to get! I live in NY, and bbags were HOT in 2004! Only the most "in" people had them because they were IMPOSSIBLE to even find. I remember seeing them online and in magazines and so I went to the mall to see if I could get a glimpse of one. I went to Neiman Marcus in White Plains and they had 1 clutch in glass, and it was on hold. I didn't see what was so impressive - but it was so small and hard to tell. My boyfriend also HATED them at first, and both of us really couldn't stomach spending 1k plus on a fairly new designer (I was into only LV at the time, and their history was so rich that I could sort of justify their prices, you know?). Spring 2005 I went to Neiman Marcus in Jersey and they had a bordeaux work and I was like WOW. I held it and contemplated buying it, but it was really big on me (I'm 5'1/5'2) and so after a good 30 minutes chatting with the SA and going on the 10+ page list I left. Soon I became OBSESSED with owning one - and from pictures and from the encouragement and advice from a friend who had a few, I decided to actively pursue a city - because the work was too big, and the classic's dimensions were way too small for my everyday crap. I went to Balenciaga in Manhattan and at the time they had a few classics in a dark green color, and a bunch of non-motorcycle styles. I decided to go on a waitlist with them for a black city, still not having seen it. I waited 3 weeks and they still hadn't gotten to me on the list - and I had waited 3 months on different lists. FINALLY I struck gold when my friend, who had bought at least 4 bbags from the same SA in Barneys, spoke to that SA and told her she wanted a black city, and the bag was taken off a waitlist for her and given to me! I ordered 1 day shipping and got it the next day! It was such a THRILL opening the box, having never seen a black city before. I actually took pictures of myself opening the box, step by step lol.

    Sorry for the long story lol - your post reminded me of myself when I began obsessing on Balenciaga :love: