Hi Ladies!!!! I have return/exchange a dilemma please help!

  1. So I have been in L.A with my family for the past week and am leaving sunday to go back to toronto, yesterday at prada on rodeo drive I decided to surprise my brother with a bag I though he would love but he had already decided on another one while I was at prada, I had no idea so I BOUGHT the bag like an idiot and when I showed him he appreciated it but he said he wanted the other bag from another store and that is was much more practical, when I go to get the receipt because we were going to return it tomorrow it said NO CASH OR CREDIT CARD REFUNDS?! ONLY store credit, maybe this is just me but that seems hardly fair, Neither of us normally buy prada but I knew he had mentioned he liked this bag before, and I cant really do anything with $1550 in store credit from a store becuase quite frankly nothing else in the store stuck a chord with me, not to mention the fact that I live nowhere near the boutique and am here once a year at most and when I purchased the bag there was no mention of this no refund policy! Any ideas?!
  2. Anyone? If I spk to a manager will they bend a rule or anything?
  3. Honestly, these boutique usually have a no refund policy, most of them only have store credit. I'm sorry....
    It doesnt hurt to speak to the manager and see if he/she will bend the rule for you.
  4. You can ask but I know I've bought things before from high end boutiques and run into that policy too. It's alot of money -- good luck with it.
  5. Have not been in a Prada boutique before but Chanel, YSL, Burberry, Ferragamo have a 10 day return policy.
  6. where i live, not only boutiques, pradas or any other, but absolutely no one give refunds.

    perhaps you can ask for an exchange?
  7. they wont give a refund...sorry...maybe u could exchange for something u might like..they have some cute shoes/flipflops??
  8. Could you sell it on eBay? At least then maybe you could get say, half of your money back?
  9. You are such a nice sister. Maybe you could talk into your brother to use it? Prada bag quality is so good. If you decide to sell it on *Bay, since it is a current model, you should get a very good return.
  10. Thank you so much ladies! However it worked out, luckily god has blessed my mother and I with charm and most of the time we are lucky with thisstuff so it DID work out,my mom found a LOVELY little nylon bag with a leather bow for $600 so the very sweet and cool manager at the rodeo Prada agreed to refund $980 (the difference) onto my credit card and we used 600 store credit to buy the bag and the bag my brother wanted was only 1300 so he got his bag and I got my two bags I wanted and my mom got a prada that she can't stop using ahaha! The bag I got him was a travel/carryon bag in Blue Saffiano, but I paid almost 1700 for it and it's on bluefly in red which I like much more for only $900! so maybe I'll buy it later for him as a birthday gift or something I knew he loved it, I guess he just loved the other bag more, I'll just run it by him next time! thanks or everything ladies!
  11. I am so happy this has an happy ending! The Prada store manager is so nice. He sure got a loyal customer now. Congratulation! Have a safe and pleasant trip back to Toronto!