Hi Ladies! A Question For The Professionals!

  1. I am in negotiations for a mint 05 Sky Blue City, and was wondering if I could get a couple of suggestions on a fair price for it? How about an approximate max I should pay? I know it's a matter of opinion, and how desperately I want it. Oh yeah...it would be a great second b-bag for me and a good twin brother for my bubblegum pink city, but as I have demonstrated in the past, I am clueless on pricing! Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have. Deana

    Here he is...

    eBay: Auth Balenciaga SKY BLUE City Motorcycle Le Dix Bag NEW (item 270031312148 end time Sep-30-06 06:15:39 PDT)
  2. I think 1350. max. Beautiful bag!:flowers:
  3. Yeah I totally agree with you! =) Good luck Deana! :yahoo:
  4. I agree too. The BIN price is too expensive
  5. I agree with the other's. I would say $1250-$1350 range would be fair.
  6. Thank you all so much, I really appreciate it! The Sky Blue Work is beautiful and what a steal! The Work is just a tad too big for me, but I am sick about passing that one up at $999.00. I will let you know what happens!
  7. just to let you know, the ONE AND ONLY bbag I own is a 2005 SKY BLUE CITY. Bought it in early march -05. EVERYTIME I wear it (which is like every other day) I think exactly like this "I would so LOOOVE to own another bbag city!" BUT it's impossible for me to imagine another color because sky blue is the PERFECT bbag color!! I don't need another color! it's getting a bit worn out in places but it's the PERFECT bbag. I have been bbag obsessed since 2004. I LOVE SKY BLUE!!
  8. It doesn't look as if the sky blue listed at $999 sold. Perhaps it's still available and you could contact the seller.
  9. I think the cheaper sky blue city has been relisted. I just paid $1375 for one and I have to say of the five bags I have this is my FAVORITE!!! The color is so much deeper in person and the leather is so nice and smooshy. Best of luck!!!
  10. Thank you all so much! I think I can get it for $1598 with shipping! Maybe a tad too high, but it is in mint condition. I am so confused and became more so when I saw the 04 turqouise, what a pretty color!
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