Hi! Just a quick note to say . . .

  1. I miss you all and will try to spend more time on the forum REAL soon!

    (I'm at the library, using their computer, and I don't have much allotted time left.)

    I haven't been on since Wednesday night and am having withdrawal symptoms!

    Lately my computer has been freezing and shutting down. I thought I got all the kinks worked out until I got frustrated and shut down my computer (by flicking the switch on the power strip . . . which is what I usually do when my computer misbehaves) before I went to bed Wednesday night.

    Thursday, I woke up to find my apartment had lost power and it stayed off until about 6:00. (It wasn't just my building, either. It was the whole block . . . something to do with transformers.) Excited that the power was back on, I went to turn my computer on to share my lack of power ordeal with all of you.

    I couldn't because, while the monitor and the printer worked, the computer never turned on. I pressed the button and nothing happened.

    Never fear, though. My dad ordered another one on Friday and it should be delivered between four to seven days.

    (And I'm pretty sure I know how to hook it up.)

    I'll be back soon, I promise!
  2. hey you,

    been wondering where you've been :smile: get back soon!
  3. I can only usually post at work so its frustrating when you cant go on the forum whenver you want.

    Hope to see you soon!
  4. Awww! I'd been wondering where you were, too!

    Hope you get your new comp set up soon!
  5. hi! i miss your posts, come back soon.
  6. See you soon Caitlin! Good luck with the withdrawal. Not sure what i would do?!
  7. I'm baaack!

    And, oh yeah . . . . I GOT A JOB!!!!!!
  8. ^^ Congrats!!!
  9. Thanks!

    I start September 04 and I'm doing data entry. My shift is 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. (That's perfect because my work won't interfere with my classes.)

    My aunt called me about a job fair at a company in my neighborhood. I went fairly early and went through a typing test and a short interview.

    While waiting for the interview, I thought I messed up because I didn't score as high as I would have liked on my typing and I was worried because I changed the format of my resume.

    Imagine my surprise when the interviewer said, that day, given my interview and my resume they'd like to offer me a position. I think my exact words were, "Really?"
  10. LOL. That's great to hear. I'm so glad everything worked out for you!
  11. So all that typing on The Purse Forum really paid off! :tup:
    Congrats on the job!
  12. Congrats on the job!
  13. Congrats on the job! Sometimes when you're looking so hard things don't happen and then when you relax a little it happens. So happy for you!