Hi....It's being a long time....Back with a reveal

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  1. It has being quite some time since I post a reveal at MiuMiu thread. I am back with a reveal. :yahoo:
    My 3rd MiuMiu - A Classic that I always wanted and finally get hold of it.



  2. oooh reveal!! bow? coffer? :popcorn:
  3. a coffer? :smile:
  4. wat's that?? :popcorn:
  5. looks like coffer! open it up!!!
  6. I´m guessing a mini bow or coffer...:smile: Show us!;)
  7. Yes, some of you guess it correctly. Presenting............

    Ms Black Coffer in GHW


    With Ms Bow

    I only need one more Vitello Lux Shopper to complete my classic MiuMiu family. I sold my first shopper away coz of the color. Now waiting for a color that i like.
  8. Gorgeous! :P
  9. Really like your bow colour, so pretty!
  10. I can't see the pictures!! I read it's a bow!! grrr I want to see it!! I'll change browsers because it seems like I am the only one...
  11. Thanks all. I love the coffer n decided to take a family picture with the bow tt I already have.

    Gunnerjoy - yes I love my bow too. It always catch alot of attention whenever I bring it out.

    Butterfly - can you see the photos now? My new purchase is the coffer.
  12. Yes, I can see the pictures now, I switched browswers...congrats, you really did get the most classic miu miu bag! it will last you forever!
  13. beautiful! i love the gold hardware contrast too.
  14. Did I see a keyring ard your black coffer? Do you knw how much are they selling in Singapore? :smile:
  15. butterfly36029 - thanks. yes, i like miumiu classic. i still want a shopper. my first miumiu and i still like it alot.

    snoozepig - thanks. yes the gold contrast is really nice.

    gunnerjoy - yes, that's a keyring around my coffer. it's no longer available in singapore. it's last year valentine edition keyring. I bought it at around SGD210.00 at that time.