Hi! is this sit for girls only?

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  1. :oh:

    hi! can anyone tellme is this sit for girls only! im a boy can i join in?

    xx :huh:
  2. Welcome to the forum! We embrace everyone...so long as you love to talk about bags! :amuse: :biggrin:
  3. We welcome all ..........

  4. hee hee! im a boy! BUT I LOVE MY BAGS! :love: :nuts:

    just got 1 x prada sport and 2 x burberry bag! last weekend in the sale! both over 70% off!

    haa haa!
  5. Gotta love that!!!
  6. how many boys use this sit??
  7. There a couple of guys on here that I know of. Probably more.

  8. shopping_monkey> show us your new bags.
  9. i will try itdo it tomorrow! it is 00.30 am over here in UK, Scotland.

  10. Don't you love Burberry's sales!! :love: Welcome!
  11. Welcome! Wow your from Scotland, how awesome! That is one of the places that I most want to visit someday! There are some other guys here.
  12. That would be me male. I have A nylon sling when in the Woods for sport and wanted to say at first I do not carry A Bag.

    I love all styles of clothes with great lines. I love A woman in A nice Suit that has good lines and the Bags gives A little sexy look etc.....
  13. Welcome!:love: I love scotland!
  14. Men definitely welcome :biggrin: In fact we need more!
  15. Well I will point the man of this site your way, my man. He started as the only guy here and will L-O-V-E your company!!!
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