Hi! I'm sort of a newbie and made a Gucci purchase!


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Jan 17, 2007
Hi! Everyone! Well like I said in the title I'm sort of a newbie. Well I've been a member here for awhile now and just posted here a couple of times. But I haven't actually really posted my handbag puchases. So this'll be my first one. :smile: And I'm glad it's here in the Gucci forum!

Anyways, my mom, aunt and I went to South Coast Plaza just this Wednesday. I was already gonna buy a Burberry bag I've had my eyes on for awhile but my mom told me that she'd buy me a Gucci bag since she'd be giving my other bag which is a medium abbey tote to my cousin who lives in the Philippines. I was ok with it cuz I hardly ever use it that much since it's only a meduim size. I love big handbags and I also carry a lot of stuff in them. lol.

So we went to the Gucci store and were looking at the bags. I found one that I just fell in love with. It's a 'New Britt' tote from the Cruise line collection. It was only in black but we asked the SA if there was another color and he said yeah. So he brought it out and I just fell in love with it even more. lol. Anyways, here it is:

I soo love it. Can't say it enough. lol. The color and everything is great! Man I can't wait to use it.

And apparently my aunt liked it too. She actually had her eye on the 'Abbey' tote with the 2 straps but she liked mine more I guess. lol. My mom actually bought it for her too. lol. She doesn't live here in California so no worries about having the same bag. lol. :okay:


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May 15, 2007
very beautiful and versastile bag. congrats!


May 15, 2007
I'm not a big fan of totes and things like this but this one is reallyyyy cute!!!! love the fabric detail inside too :smile: enjoy!!!!!!

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Feb 17, 2006
LOVE it...I have the same bag and its so great for carryin everything,You will get a ton of use out of it.I adore mine!!! CONGRATS!