HI!! I'm neww.

  1. Lol. I don't think it was necessary to say I'm new. XD

    But I was wondering if you guys have pictures of the new Tokidoki bags! I've only see Tutti. I want to see them all! Perhaps save up money to get them.
  2. welcome!!! hope you will have fun collecting cuz we all are. Its an addiction and dedication!!
  3. hi and welcome to the forum :biggrin:

    Hmm there was a thread a while ago that had a link which showed tutti and trasporto bags but I can't recall the thread name ...
  4. welcome!!!!
  5. Welcome aboard! Do a forum search for "vacanze" and you should find the pics you are looking for.
  6. welcome to the addiction!
  7. welcome and i hope u enjoy your stay :smile:
  8. welcome...can't wait to see your toki collection.
  9. Yeah...cuz if you don't have one now, you will soon if you hang out here for a while! :graucho:


  10. Oh god, yes we are a bad influence.
  11. OH!! HAhaa, you guys all seem heckkka friendly. xD

    I do actually have some purse. T__T I want more though. But I think I waste too mcuh money on them, Parent's furious

    Stellina Pirata. Bambinone L'amore. Ciao Ciao Spaggia. Bella Foresta. Bambino Citta. Bambinone Citta Rosa.

    And my friend just bought a Paradiso Gioco for me!! Yay!!!

    I have... 5 Moofias (Milk, Baby Milk, Choco, Leche, Japanese) and Bastardino and Pol[pettina... even though this is a purse forum, I just HADD to share that!! :biggrin:
  12. That sounds like a nice variety of bags! :tup:
  13. Welcome aboard, we're glad to have you!

  14. :roflmfao: yup we are!! haha