Hi I'm new..

  1. Hi everyone..

    i just won a kooba on bay.. problem is the bag is used. I'm not sure if it is a chiara or claudia. It's black with I guess a olive suede interior. It's not in really bad condition, I've been waiting for this bag since i first saw it in like 05 or 06. So i'm pumped if anyone knows which one it is, i'll be forever grateful :biggrin:
  2. I'll take a shot at it since I have bought and sold 4 Claudias over the last couple of years. A Claudia is approximately 19 inches across the widest part of the bag. I'm not sure about other differences, size is a good indicator.
  3. Size is definitely the best indicator between the Claudia and the Chiara. The Chiara is smaller.
  4. Hi,

    She came earlier today and measured, it's a Chiara!

    thanks for the tip =]
  5. hope to see the reveal