Hi I'm new!

  1. Hi! I'm new to this forum but not to Coach bags. I LOVE Coach! I truly think I have a Coach obsession :heart: ...but that's OK right?
    I went to Coach today to return a bag I never used and thought...well if I just look at the Legacy collection it wouldn't be too bad. Ok, I ended up buying the Ali Shoulder Flap in whiskey. It's soooo pretty!! Sadly I have to wait for it to be delivered because they only had the floor model left.
    It's actually quite funny, I almost never walk out with the actual item I purchased, they always have to order it for me. I guess I looked sad because they gave me a Legacy shopping bag to enjoy LOL.

    Well thanks for letting me ramble on, glad I found you guys!!

  2. Welcome Michelle!
    Everyone here is obsessed with bags so you are not alone! I started my love of bags with Coach and I just started collecting over the summer. Trust me, once you see all the beautiful bags these ladies have, you will want to buy a lot more! hehe
    Post pics when you get your new bag!
  3. Welcome, Michelle! :flowers: I know how you feel - I was so excited when I found this forum since I was sure I was the only person with a huge purse fetish. I was relieved to see there are many many more with the same obsession!

    I almost forgot to add that I LOVE the bag you ordered. I saw it in person the other day and it's gorgeous. I'm soooo jealous!
  4. welcome :smile:
  5. Welcome! I am sure you will love this place. and it is fine to have a Coach obsession because so many people here do too. Enjoy your new bag and i hope to see pics when you get it.
  6. Here are some pictures of my collection. I'm missing a couple of things (like the wallets that are actually in those bags, duh me) but I'll try to get those in a few days.



    This one is an Ugg bag but I think it's so cute and fuzzy...

  7. Hi and welcome! I too have developed a Coach obsession and also just had to order a Legacy bag! This forum is great because so many of us share the same passion. I love your collection and your Ugg bag is adorable! Enjoy your Ali bag (which I've seen in the store and is beautiful and I love that color) and please post pics when it arrives!