Hi!! I'm new

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  1. and so the obsession begins...

    I have been lurking the past few days, thought it was time to introduce myself. My name is Ria and I am developing quite an obsession :-O

    I am trying to decide which should be my first pair. In the next week or 2 I should be hitting the boutiques and the stores to try some on. Honestly till I found this sight I didn't realize the extent of the demand for CL's.

    So HI for now and look forward to sharing
  2. :welcome: WELCOME RIA!!! You are in good company here in the CL forum. I should warn you though, once you buy one CL you are hooked!!! They are such beautiful shoes you feel so sexy and classy when you put them on.

    I look forward to seeing your FIRST CL. The sizing is crazy, so be sure to check the sizing thread before you buy. Post pics of your new shoes for us to admire. We never tire of looking at these beauties.

    GOOD LUCK on your CL hunt.:search:
  3. Welcome, ria~ :flowers:
    Don't worry about planning your first pair, you'll know when you see it... And especially because once you try some on, you'll be having difficulty narrowing it down to the first 3! ;) Good luck and can't wait to see what you get!
  4. greetings! this forum is both a blessing and a curse. you'll see what i mean. can't wait to see your first pair.
  5. Hi and welcome :flowers:. The first pair is soooo special, cant wait to see what you get!
  6. hi ria!!!welcome to the dark side:smile:
  7. HEY!!!! Welcome, come on in! But be careful because as everyone else has mentioned, CLs are really really really (to the infinity squared) addictive!!! But so beautiful!

    I couldn't agree more!!!:roflmfao:
  8. welcome Ria!!
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome!!!

    I have just been busy purchacing this http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/store/catalog/editprod.jhtml?commerceItemId=ci97757000101&itemId=prod23170044&suiteId=&cmCat=cat000000cat150001cat205400cat215900cat210501cat216302cat266901cat243837
    i dont know how to do links yet lets see if it works. It's the gucci duchessa medium boston! I am really psyched and sooo glad I am up so late today. It may not be cl's just yet but I have a nice bag to pair them up with!!
    I heart the purse forum!

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  10. hooray! welcome!!
  11. Welcome, Ria. Last chance to pull out because there is no going back after the first pair. =)
  12. WELCOME RIA!! oooh your first pair! it's a slipperly slope to 5,6,7 and beyond! lol
  13. Hi Ria. Welcome to the red side. ;) Can't wait to see your first pair.
  14. Hiya,Ria:hugs:
  15. Welcome honey... the girls have told you right... I bought 4 pair last week alone lol