Hi, I'm new!

  1. My name is Jackie. And I am a purse addict!

    I just bought a bag I have coveted for a year now- A Christian Dior Gaucho bag. I am so in love with it, but woke up a for the first couple nights after I bought it, shocked that I spent so much on a bag. It was a great price- 40 percent off at Holt Renfrew, so I had to do it. I look forward to talking purses with you all :smile:
  2. Congrats! I love the feeling that I get when I find what I want and it's on sale! Enjoy!
  3. Welcome Chappy!

    Congrats on finding a bag you adore! I hope we enlighten you to a few more around here! :smile:
  4. Welcome! Holt Renfrew... I suppose you're Canadian then? Me too!
  5. Welcome! I'm new too and just got my first expensive designer purse as well!:yahoo: