HI! I'm new

  1. I'm new - I've always came through and read through the forums but never posted. I'm a HUGE purse girl. I mean, I just love purses and alot of my nights are spent surfing the Internet in hopes of finding that right purse. My dream purse now is a Chanel purse - oh .. how I want one! LOL.

    I've always been strictly Coach or Dooney and Burke - I have probably quite a bit collection of purses but I'm set on finding a Chanel. I've looked through eBay but I'm so scared of getting a fake. I know you can't buy them online so I'm sort of stuck in where to go and how to find one. :confused1:

    I love big purses - I'm a mom of 5 so I carry everything and anything. As far as the Chanel purses go - are alot of them everyday purses? I change purses quite a bit - sometimes daily but am in search of one classic one that I can use for a bit longer than that. I think a Chanel purse is the way to go.

    Where did any of you get your first Chanel purse? Have any of you shopped eBay and get a good purse? Since I'm looking for a larger purse - any of you have pics or suggestions on which one I should get?

    I'm a newbie and full of questions!
  2. Hi Peeking Around. I suggest you check the Chanel Reference thread. There are a ton of pictures about the various Chanel purses. There is also an authenticity thread where you can post eBay finds. There are alot of fakes out there, so I would be wary of buying a Chanel on-line, but with care and authenticating you could find one.
  3. Welcome!

    I agree with ronsdiva, and that you should check out the reference library, to help choose a bag that meets your needs. I bought my first Chanel at the Department Store, but I had recently bought a Chanel from eBay. The thing about eBay, is you really need to know what too look for, because some of the fakes look almost identical to the real thing. However, if you see something you really like, just post the link in the authenticate this and someone will glad to help you out and give you some guidance.
  4. Welcome to Chanel! You'll be able to get lots of useful information from this forum.

    Check out the resource library as the others suggested. You should be able to gain a good bit of knowledge through other posts on the forum.

    Everyone here is so nice and helpful.
  5. Oh! hi...I'm new to Chanel to (considered having only 2 at this moment).

    My first Chanel was from Chanel boutique in London..like 8 years ago. My second one will be coming from NM at any minutes (thanks for tPF :tup:). Now, I'm looking for the third one..which will be the tote :graucho:. I loveeeeee Cerf tote since it's handheld and shoulder bag at the same time, it's also stylish and classic.

    You might want to check at the reference threads...;)
  6. Welcome, I bought mines at various Chanel boutiques and Bloomingdales and NM. I highly recommend a trip to your nearest boutique for a touch and sniff experience, first because it's fun and also for getting used to how the purses feel and look before buying on Ebay.
  7. welcome!!!!
    if you go to ebay and like a purse, always come here and ask if its real,,,these ladies know!!!!!!!!!
  8. welcome!
  9. Big welcome to you.

    I love, that even with 5 children you still have the passion for handbags! Im in awe of you lol ;)
  10. Thanks for the warm welcomes ;)

    I don't think there is a boutique anywhere near me (I'm talking about somewhere close) and well, with work and the kids and DH - I just don't have the time to drive somewhere far.

    At this moment, I just can't afford a brand spanking new one anyways - though I know it'll happen someday :tup: Just not as soon as I want. I figured to get my Chanel itch taken care of, I could buy a nice pre-loved Chanel - I've seen quite a few on ebay but I'm really scared of spending that much money on a fake. I just can't afford to do that.

    I'm so jealous of you all on here! With all the beautiful Chanels you have - :crybaby: - with my new job though, I know that I'll eventually get there. Yah!

    Purses are the ONLY luxury I allot myself since most of my money goes to my children (I have a 16,15,13,12 and 10 year old) - one girl out of the whole bunch - so yeah, they take all my money :sad:

    Anyhow - just wanted to say a quick thanks for the welcome and I'm back to looking at all the pictures in the threads.
  11. Welcome Peeking Around:smile: !Although I don't own a big Tote yet I would suggest you give your first purchase a little time -while browsing at our Library section-until you'll be able to get a brand new one !You can place phone or e-mail orders from various stores in the States and have a tax-free bonus if you're located in a different State.
    I'd also suggest a big Cerf Tote for a start !:yes:
    Congrats on being a mom of 5 !:smile:
  12. Welcome too Meeju!:smile:Congrats on your Chanel bags !Can't wait to see them!:yes:
  13. i am relatively new to the Chanel subforum too and the ladies here are just fabulous. they would answer any questions you might have regarding chanel and i do agree that you should check out the reference thread to see which one catches your eyes. if you do want a preloved one from ebay-be sure to let the chanel experts here to help you by posting in the authenticate thread.

    good luck shopping!