hi! i'm new!

  1. hi ladies! do any of you know where i can find a ginger kooba in chestnut? i know the kooba website had it on sale but i waited too long and now it's sold out. :sad: thanks in advance!
  2. It seems that they are available at Off Fifth, at least in Florida...there's an outlet in Ellenton, and Estero and they have them there at this time.
  3. thanks so much for your reply! you've made my day :yahoo: i hope they can do charge sends.
  4. Good luck to you, kim......
  5. Welcome, Kim! And good luck with your hunt :smile:
  6. Hi Kim,
    There is also one on eBay that's authentic as I almost bought it -(I got a black one instead) if you don't have luck on the off 5th stores!

  7. thanks for all your help ladies. you're all so helpful. :smile:
  8. thanks so much for all your help compass. i called the ellenton store today and did a charge send. i hope it arrives in time. i've never done a charge send before... so i'm kinda nervous! but anywho... it's my first kooba and i hope i love it. thanks again :smile:
  9. Congratulations Kim, I hope your first Kooba bag wows you like ours did.
  10. There a couple of cute Koobas on sale at Bluefly...the Carla in Sienna for $390. I bought the Maria in Metallic Brown at Revolve for an awesome deal and it's my favourite! You should check them out too they always something on sale.
  11. thanks again for all your help ladies! my new kooba ginger in chestnut arrived a couple of days ago and i couldn't be any happier! :yahoo: i'm thrilled and i think i'm addicted lol! i love love love my new bag and love this site! if i knew how to post pics i would.
  12. Glad to be of service! Congratulations!