Hi! I'm new!

  1. Hi, I wanted to introduce myself in this forum because I am new here! I usually lurk and read others posts. I have yet to purchase any Louis Vuitton, and am saving up to maybe purchase something smaller first. I am REALLY liking the Cherry Blossom and Cerises line, and am wondering someone can tell me whether they have made wallets in these patterns? I would love to hear thoughts from everyone!


  2. welcome, I love the cerise line, its very cute but Cherry blossom is also very nice. Have a search on eBay and look at all the wallets. If you need any help with authenticating go to --Authenticate this-- thread :smile:
  3. Welcome to TPF!:flowers:
  4. Welcome!!! :yes: I dont know much about the cerises line, but theres tons of people on here who do!
  5. Welcome:welcome:
  6. welcome
  7. Thanks everyone! :smile:
  8. Welcome to the greatest source if insider info!

    My collection has done really well since I joined and Im fairly new.
  9. welcome! they have made ALL sorts of wonderful stuff in the cb pattern, hang around here you will see it all!
  10. Welcome! I love the CB line too, and they do make wallets!
  11. Welcome! I hope you find the wallet you want soon - but be warned - LV is terribly addictive.:p
  12. Welcome and good luck with your first LV purchase.
  13. Welcome, LV is like choclate, you can't stop at 1..
  14. weclome, you'll LVoe this forum!!!