Hi, I'm new to your community :)

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  1. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I tried registering at the KnowKnocksForum, but it is seemingly taking
    forever for the Administrators to grant me privlidges to view and to post to threads. Go figure. A fellow Ebay Member pointed me to this forum :smile:

    Yep, I have purchased a fake Kooba in the past from Ebay, luckily I got a full refund. I have 2 authentic Koobas now, and I've also purchased an authentic Coach :smile:

    But this fake takes the cake!!! Have a look!!


    The listed bag that I had purchased is at the top left:

    Notice the whip stitch/slant in her listed Kooba, it runs from bottom right to top left \

    Notice how the stitching runs on the crappy bag that I received, stitching run from bottom left to top right /

    And the seller had the nerve to tell me I received the exact same bag that was in her listing!! The color was total off, the crap bag was reddish!! And second thing was the Zipper contained Kooba on both sides!!
  2. Welcome. It's getting harder and harder to get an authentic bag on eBay. I take it you are mostly a Kooba fan. Hope you enjoy the Purse Forum!
  3. welcome to the forum, have fun!!!
  4. hi! welcome to the forum :yahoo:
  5. I really do love my Koobas :smile: Coach too, I have a gorgeous older Coach Bag, early 90's.

    I also love 'Wheeler' Bags.. They aren't expensive here, but they are the most durable wash like a rag bag I've ever seen!!
  6. Welcome to TPF! Fakes are getting very hard to detect now a days. Have fun.