Hi! I'm new to tPF and Coach :)

  1. Just wanted to say hi to all you ladies, like the title says, I'm new to the forum.. and have just made my first Coach purchase. (and I LOVE her!!)
    P6270159.JPG P6270152.JPG P6270141.JPG
  2. welcome to the forum!! and that is a gorgeous bag by the way :drool: ...i love the colors.
  3. Thank you very much! :smile:
  4. Welcome to tPF! Beautiful bag!! I've been eyeing the matching cosmetic case:yes:
  5. Oh, me too! I think I'm going back to get it next week, and possibly a wallet. Still deciding :\
  6. ohh it's the special department store only print tote been thinking about getting it. Welcome, I am somewhat new here and I'm now addicted. Everyone is so helpful and great, you will love it here.
  7. Welcome!
  8. Welcome! I love your new baby!
  9. Thank you :smile:
  10. Hi! Welcome to tPF! :welcome:

    Your new bag is absolutely stunning!!
  11. Hello, Welcome to tPF! =)
    Congrats on the new bag, it is gorgeous!
  12. Welcome to the forum. Very nice choice for your first Coach!
  13. Oh that's so pretty! How did I miss this item?? You should take a pic of you modeling it!!! I wanna see how it slouches!
  14. Hello! Welcome to the forum and to Coach! You made a very beautiful selection with your green scarf print!
  15. Nice bag! I really like it in this style.

    Oh and welcome too!