Hi -- I'm new to this group!!

  1. . . . but a COACH lover from way back!

    I just found this site today and I am just thrilled to be part of a group that reconizes the quality and beauty of COACH.

    I have been collecting for quite some time. I have given away several and sold several. So my collection is somewhat smaller that it could have been.

    As of today I am taking the pledge. . "ONCE MY COACH; ALWAYS MY COACH" ! (hmm, can I stay true) :tup:
  2. Judy, Welcome! You will find that this is a pretty friendly and enjoyable place. Everyone here loves Coach and you will sure find plenty of enabling here. It is also a very informative site.
    I am sure that you will be adding more Coach Items to your collection if you hang around here.
  3. Welcome! ^^ITA with LizCordova...the Coach site is a great enabler!
  4. Welcome to this wonderful forum! Soon you'll be addicted to it just like the rest of us!! :yes:
  5. Hi and welcome!:welcome:You are going to love it here. So many great members and pics to die for. Please feel free to post your collection. We'd all love to see:yes:
  6. Welcome, glad to have you
  7. Welcome!!!
  8. Welcome... You are going to love it:yahoo:
  9. Welcome, glad you found us.