Hi! I'm New To This Forum!

  1. Hi, everyone! My name is Wanda and I am new to the forum. I have just been lurking until a few days ago when I finally joined. I just love reading all of your posts and thought it would be fun to join in!

    I was always a purse freak, but never like I've been since making my first Coach purchase about two years ago. It's like an addiction that you seriously cannot control! No one understands how you feel....especially those who are not "purse' people...LOL...:confused1:! I even find myself hiding my handbag purchases from my friends because I don't want to get another lecture about the money I spend on purses. I just wait until I am caught wearing it and then I just tell them "oh, I've had this for a while now" :shame:. Do any of you find yourself doing that? But, seriously....I will do without other things just to save money for a Coach purse. I now own 6 Coach bags and there are at least 4 or 5 that I still want. I feel like I have to "catch up" on what I missed...LOL!

    Anyway, that's about it for me! I look forward to talking to you all about our Coach handbags! At least I can come brag to all of you when I purchase a new handbag.....even if I can't tell anyone else...huh??

    Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Welcome to the Coach Forum! :yes:

    You have definitely come to the right place! We all share your addiction!

    Trust me I started with a couple of pieces and since joining this forum my collection is like over 20 pieces now LOL!

    Happy Holidays!
  3. Welcome, Wanda! Are you in the Carolinas? We moved to SD from South Carolina! Lived there 8 years and loved it! I wasn't into Coach then which is crazy because I would have had an outlet and boutique both close by! Now I'm in the middle of nowhere! LOL! Sounds like you have a nice collection! Please take pics sometime and post them to share with us! Nice to 'meet' you and Merry Christmas!
  4. Welcome, Wanda!!!!! You'll love it at the Coach sub-forum!!!!! Everyone here is soooo nice and sweet!!!! The Purse Forum in general is AWESOME!!! It's nice to have you aboard!!!!! See you around!
  5. Hi! Yes...I live in S.C. .....Spartanburg, actually! I live about 20-25 minutes from the Coach outlet! Where did you live?

    I will most definitely post some pictures of my collection. They are all newer bags. I have the following: Limited Edition Ombre Tote, Limited Edition Fragrance Tote, Signature Stripe Reversible Tote in Black, Pink Optic Flap, Legacy Stripe Tote, and the Striped Lunch Tote.

    Gosh, this is fun!


  6. Welcome :smile:
    Just so you know, the forum may drive you to buy even more bags! It's dangerous!
  7. Welcome, Wanda!!! Everyone in this coach forum is very nice.. you will find a lot of useful infos and supports from our fellow coachie...
    Have a great happy holidays.. I'll see you around!!;)
  8. Welcome Wanda!! Welcome to the den of addicts!!
  9. Welcome! You must post your collection.
  10. Hi Wanda! Welcome to the Coach forum! This place is very addicting :yes:
  11. Welcome!! And yup, you can come brag to us when you purchase something new! We love seeing new purchases and drooling over them. I do have to warn you though, this thread is FULL OF ENABLERS meaning you'll want more and more and more. Your addiction will only get worse!
  12. Welcome to tpf. Happy holidays!
  13. Welcome!! We'd love to see photos of your current collection!!
  14. Welcome, and happy holidays! Everyone here is so nice, you're going to love it!
  15. Welcome to tPF and the Coach forum! Your wallet will regret you ever coming here ... :p