HI i'm new to this...can u help me decide too?

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  1. Adasa is authentic. That Quilty is pretty in the pearl-wow. But it is a HUGE bag. Truly huge. If I had to vote I'd say the Quilty only because I'm kind of tired of looking at the Sienna (even though I have and love the small handheld Emma version) and like the novelty of the pearl.
  2. I like the Sienna better. And yes, Adasa sells authentic items. :noworry:
  3. I like the Sienna more, as well. Not too fond of that pearly material.
  4. I like the looks of the Quilt Trip...not sure about the size though.
  5. That's the first Quilty I've liked - very pretty! I like big bags.
  6. I prefer the white (non-pearly) Quilty that's on NM, plus it's cheaper. I had the Quilty hobo for a while and while I liked it's looks, I didn't like it on me.... huge bag with a short handle doesn't work for me. I have a Sienna and I love it so I think that would get my vote. But I DO like the Quilty!!!!

    From NM:

    adasa 15% off: code "toutie15"
    activeendeavors 20% off: "mua20"
    karizma 30% off: "toutie" (they have the cream Sienna)

    Which color are you considering for the Sienna?
  7. I like the shape of the quilty but not the pearly. I like the quilty two tone white with brown straps.
  8. for the sienna i'm considering the creamy colour and for quilty it's the white. i acuttally think brown looks better on both but i want a white bag!! i haven't seen the white with brown straps quilty..do you have any pics??
  9. I prefer the non- pearly Quilty at Neiman Marcus as well. It's backordered until May, though! :sad2:
  10. and thanks Daisy for the discount codes!
  11. I like the Kooba Sienna...although the non-pearly quilty is nice... not a big fan of the pearly though.
  12. I love both of the bags. But my choice is the Kooba. Im contemplationg on the ivory for myself. Did you see that one?
  13. My vote is for the Kooba. I don't really like the IF actually, maybe that would change if I had seen it in person. Have you seen either of these in person and tried them on? That usually helps me decide!
  14. I've seen it but can't find it anymore. It's cute. The background is white and the straps are brown.

    I'll keep looking and if I run acrossed it, I'll post it.